12/06/2013 11:36 am ET | Updated Feb 05, 2014

David Wiseman: Design Miami/ (VIDEO)

Having created installations for the likes of Christian Dior in New York and the West Hollywood Library, Wiseman has blossomed into a darling of the design world. This week, his lattice-inspired pieces, including a large screen, are on show at Design Miami/.


Along with the Haas Brothers, Jeff Zimmermann and Joaquim Tenreiro, Wiseman's designs will be shown as part of the works selected by leading New York gallery R 20th Century.


Graduating in 2003 from the Rhode Island School of Design, Wiseman quickly discovered that his intricate drawings would be better realised in 3D, allowing his audience to interact with them as they do the surrounding world.


His ability to produce these amorphous shapes with such fluidity may have been brought on by his mother, who he, as a child, would often play doodling games with. Inspired by natural phenomena, his hands-on approach is appropriately organic and his creations, spanning both fine and decorative art, are all born from raw materials.

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