01/17/2011 07:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fashion in Motion: Stephane Rolland

French couturier Stéphane Rolland invites to witness his presentation at the V&A's Fashion In Motion event. Providing a little insight into his philosophy: "To help the women in my clothes. To make them feel good, more powerful. Sexy. Sensual. Never to eat their personalities." His love of the fragile side of femininity is in stark contrast to his veneration for the powerful, the strong -- the woman that knows exactly what they want. A dynamic force himself, his talent was recognized first by Balenciaga at the tender age of 20 -- straight after studying fashion at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne -- and within a year promoted to creative director. His creative flair and undisputed enthusiasm for the feminine form and character, coupled with a passion for the cinematic and theatrical stands as the foundations of his work.

For Rolland it is vital that it is the "beautiful woman" that shines through and is admired, not the "beautiful dress," so it was to no amazement to the rest of the world when he set himself up with a new challenge of setting up his own Haute Couture House. With top credentials including successfully becoming the youngest French Couturier on Paris' avenue Montaigne, the House of Stéphane Rolland will represent a modern and original interpretation of couture -- all the while remaining true to the bohemian outlook and luxurious extravagance which define his nature.

Drawing inspiration from modern art, contemporary music as well as architecture. We can make distinct connections between his sculptural style and the works of those creative figures that he reveals to be inspired by: Zaha Hadid, with her deconstructivistic architectural landscapes and the modernist forms of Anish Kapoor. Adding to the mix a conviction that he himself has to take care of his clients personally and the concept of being very rooted in the present. Rolland sums up his ethos, "I'm not looking for beauty, I'm looking for energy. I like imperfection; it means fragility. Only my cut has to be perfect."

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