08/02/2011 01:26 pm ET | Updated Oct 02, 2011

Mason Jung, Tailored Narratives (VIDEO)

The last half a century has been definitive for the arts in South Korea's capital -- the city has revealed that it too harbours a wealth of outstanding creative talent. Moreover, in recent years, Seoul Fashion Week has presented the world with eye-opening menswear collections, putting young Korean designers in the spotlight of the international fashion scene. It is therefore unsurprising that 2009 Royal College of Art graduate and Seoul-born Mason Jung was recently featured in Vogue Japan as one of 2011's most promising menswear designers, whilst receiving awards for the incredible craftsmanship of his degree show. caught a glimpse of him in his studio.

Born and raised in a country where social pressure is still heavily present and strict rules are both mentally and physically confining, Jung's desire to explore diversity was great. When coming up with a concept, he decided to merge "the uniform" with the unexpected. Using the classical men's suit as a basic medium, Jung carefully infuses his pieces with secretive design features. Whilst revisiting form and its function within fashion design, Jung finds room to play with the aspect of functionality. It is only upon carefully observing his designs that one finds unexpected, geometrically interesting patterns amongst meticulously detailed tailoring.

From drawing to a 3-D design, Jung's designs entail a process that is far more than aesthetical; it is a narrative about an undiscovered society and the rebirth of true craftsmanship.


Text by Seyna Van Der Linden for