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Brian Levin, J.D.


Hate Rock Music Fuels Racism Under The Radar

Brian Levin, J.D. | Posted August 10, 2012

Activist or terrorist depends which side you're on Defend against the invader, this war will greet your son Hey you gotta go, not your home anymore If you don't move quietly you'll be forced to war -- Youngland, Wade Page's first band Music can...
Howard Meitiner


Let's Hear It for the Governor... and Push Him Further

Howard Meitiner | Posted August 10, 2012

New York is my adoptive home -- and on weeks like this, I'm proud to live in this state. On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo once again displayed great courage and leadership by tackling the sale and production of synthetic drugs.
Jamie Haase


All Aboard to Welcome Javier Sicilia and the Peace Caravan

Jamie Haase | Posted August 13, 2012

In war-plagued Mexico, protesting against the prohibition-fueled violence carries the gravest risks imaginable. Thankfully for Americans, the former poet has again decided to bring his determination for peace north of Mexico's border.


What Does the First Day of a 5+ Year Prison Sentence Feel Like?

Quora | Posted August 13, 2012

This question originally appeared on Quora. By Jean-François Noubel, Founder of CIRI -- the Collective Intelligence Research Institute, I have spent twenty two and a half months in French jails. This...
Bill Ong Hing


Wade Michael Page: A Reflection of De-Americanization

Bill Ong Hing | Posted August 10, 2012

The fact that hateful acts and words of private citizens are followed up with official regimes of detention and profiling only reaffirms the subordination of the victims through suspicion of loyalty.
Dr. David J. Leonard


White Supremacy and the Wisconsin Shooting Spree

Dr. David J. Leonard | Posted August 10, 2012

Rather than reflecting on the deathly consequences of white supremacy, rather than look at the burgeoning white nationalist movement, the narrative has already been in overdrive to individualize and contextualize, to describe this rampage as a "senseless act."
G. Flint Taylor


The Torture of Darrell Cannon: A Case That the City of Chicago Cannot Win

G. Flint Taylor | Posted August 10, 2012

In 1983, members of Jon Burge's torture crew took murder suspect Darrell Cannon to an isolated area and tortured him. Eventually, Cannon succumbed and falsely confessed. Thus started a 29-year legal odyssey that continues to this day.