04/09/2012 12:40 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2012

A Bride's Guide To A Dress In Distress

Most brides spend months, years, or maybe even their whole lives dreaming of and planning their big day. More importantly, a bride-to-be always envisions herself in the perfect gown. So when that big day comes, a spill or stain on that beautiful white dress can seem like the end of the world.

The first thing to remember is not to panic or make the stain worse by rubbing it. Proper supplies and care can remove, treat, or at least cover up an unexpected stain. Day-of emergency kits, such as the famous Madame Paullete's Professional Stain Remover Kit (sold at Bridal Reflections), are also very popular with brides, providing all of the must-have items needed for emergency stain situations. Have a trusted member of your bridal party, or guest, keep this within easy reach on the day of, just in case. If you don't ever need it, great! But at least you will be prepared and have the added peace of mind on your wedding day.

A typical emergency dress kit should include the following items:

• White cotton towels or cloths -- Used to dab or blot stains. Remember never to rub, this will only make the stain penetrate deeper into the fabric.

• White or off-white chalk -- Can be used to cover remaining stains after treatment. Particularly helpful in covering up red wine, make-up, ink, or greasy food stains. This is something Bridal Reflections always recommends having on hand.

• Baby Powder -- Similar to the uses of chalk, baby powder can cover up stains as well as absorb oil from greasy food stains. Apply to grease or oil immediately to soak up as much as possible before cleaning.

• Stain Removal Wipes -- Dab and blot makeup or lipstick stains with stain removal wipes.

• Denatured rubbing alcohol -- Can be used to treat ink and grease stains in conjunction with white cotton towels. Again, remember to clean in a soft, circular motion rather than rubbing.

It is great to be prepared for the possibility of a stain, as we have had experiences coming to the rescue of numerous brides in distress. If a situation should arise, a reputable salon will often send someone to help, so don't feel shy about calling them in an emergency! We have certainly encountered our share of the usual culprits, such as red wine, lipstick, and chocolate. But the one that takes the proverbial "cake" involved the recently waxed red leather of a Rolls Royce and a scorching hot day. This resulted in a red splotch on the train of the bride's gown minutes before she had to walk down the aisle. Thankfully I was able to rush to the church to assist the bride to make it look as good as new!

Hopefully these tips can resolve any issues that may come up but if not, brides should always remember the following advice; this is your day and most guests will be focused on how beautiful you look and not on a minor stain.

Enjoy your special day!

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