Make It Happen!

02/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Crystal Smith Techpreneur, Casting Director and Actress, Crystal Smith has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty years and has traveled the world in search of quality actors and models for television, movies, commercials, fashion magazines, clothing l

Now that the New Year is here, it's time to make things happen. One of my dearest friends owns an event planning company on the east coast called, "Make It Happen." That's the motto that she strives by and that is the motto that she tries to instill in everyone she comes in contact with.

This is the year of making things happen! I believe that this is the year of watching miracles happen. When we strive to achieve our goals, grand things will occur! In order for us to achieve, we've got to make a promise to ourselves to dig down deep and remain encouraged. I was watching one of my favorite national news shows and one of the hosts commented that, this is the time when we make all of these wonderful, inspiring goals on January 1st. By January 2nd, we've moved on to just settling with what we have. Let's not be a nation of people who just settles. Each one of us make this country what it is and with positive reinforcements, we can make outstanding things happen!

President-elect Barack Obama just moved to the Washington, DC area this past weekend ready to dig his heels in. Let's do the same! On my website, I've created what I call, "Power Walking Steps." These steps help me to move forward in accomplishing my goals and I'd like to share them with you: 1 -- Pray or Meditate: Go someplace quiet (whether it's for a few moments or an hour) and focus on your goals. Ask yourself what can you do to achieve your goal. 2 -- Speak Out: Speak out, as many times as you want, what you want to accomplish. Say it with strength and force. 3 -- Write: Write your goals down on paper. This is your contract to yourself. Make that commitment. 4 -- Look Into The Mirror: Confirm with yourself that this is your destiny and you will achieve your goals. 5 -- Journal: Write what you would like to accomplish in a book everyday. Even if you just write one word down everyday, do it. Watch your own story play out. 6 -- Begin to Manifest Your Plan: Take care of you! Eat right, exercise and stay focused. No matter your size, your health is premium. 7 -- Make an Effort: Make a promise to yourself to follow through on everything you set out to do. Pay your bills on time, exercise, being on time, etc. 8 -- Gain Patience: There will be times when you feel lost, frustrated or stressed. Don't allow these negatives to take hold of you. Use these negatives as positive power pellets! This is your fuel to achieve your goals. 9 -- Get Rid of Negative Thinking: Speak out positive words, surround yourself with positive people, and become empowered! Those who need to leave your life, allow them to disperse. You've got great things that you're accomplishing this year! Let go of those that need to leave so that you can accept the new positive people in your life. 10 -- Finally, Don't Tell Everybody: Don't go and tell everybody what you're trying to accomplish before it's even accomplished! You're setting yourself up for disappointment. Keep your goals intimate between you and few select individuals that are helping you on your journey!

As I said in my previous blog, this is the "Miracle New Year!" Get up, get moving and most importantly, "Make It Happen!"