06/22/2009 12:29 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Word Of the Week: Peace

The word of the week is Peace

A young lady in Iran (who people in Iran say her name is Neda) had her life taken suddenly by the Basij Militia because she wanted to stand up for her beliefs. Pictures throughout this past entire weekend show severe violence and corruption of lives taken suddenly by Militia and home invasions. Why? To gain order. You mean, in order for a country to gain control of their citizens, in order for them to calm them down, they have to use ominous force?!

People are over in Tehran are risking their lives to stand up for what they believe; to prove a point. Women are trying to stand up for rights that we women here in America have fought hard to have, but we have them. These security forces aren't distinguishing between males and females, women or children. They're bringing force against anyone that is not abiding by their laws.

Ahmadinejad has been accused of having a hand in abnormal election results. Mousavi is saying that the election results were rigged and he along with his supporters are going against the demands of Iran's Supreme Leader by going out and protesting for what they believe. Whether any of this is true or false, my question is if the violence between the protestors and the security forces do not cease, who will the President or the Supreme Leader govern? Who's going to be around for them to suppress and place their rules upon? Then we have our country here that is becoming at odds with the decisions our President has decided to make by not overstepping. There are some who think that President Obama needs to step up and react stronger towards this madness. Then, there are others who think he's said and done the right thing. President Obama stressed that the violence going on amongst Iran's own people is "unjust". I agree with what our President has said and I agree with how he is handling this situation. What would you do if you had to make a response to the corruption that is going on in Iran? Would you care about what others thought of your response?

We are definitely living in a country that we are to be proud of. We have rights and we have freedom of speech. When will there be peace on earth? When will certain leaders who believe in such strict beliefs reform their viewpoints for their citizens. Do you think they ever tried to put the shoe on other foot and try to put themselves in these situations? What if they were restricted? What if they were attacked when out on the city streets protesting for what they believed? What if they lost family members to the violence of speaking out? I don't want to call all their laws "old school" because there may be some laws that are needed in this day and age. I do believe, however, that some mentalities and beliefs are "old school" and these leaders should take a step back and realize how their affecting the newer generations coming into the world. Do you really think these newer generations have the same respect and care for their leaders as those in the past? Do they even care?

Peace defined on the web is: "the state prevailing during the absence of war; harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; the absence of mental stress or anxiety." I know that I'm not speaking on a political level, but I am speaking on a human level. We've all got to find peace, within ourselves, within our countries. Our beliefs may be different, our levels of respect may be different, our laws may be different, but at the end of the day, we are all human being. We're all here on this earth trying to survive.