03/04/2007 03:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Morning After--America's Most Underappreciated Anniversaries for Money, Sex and Song

Could it be that yesterday, March 3rd was the most underappreciated day of patriotism?

In case you missed it, yesterday was International Threesome Observance Day.

It was christened via press release back in 2003 as a last-minute gimmick to create some pre-buzz for my book on threesome sex. I had no idea, at the time, that it was actually a historic day of triadic commemoration for America. Who would have guessed that the third day of the third month, the only day in the Gregorian calendar (3/03) whose date-number equals the number of days remaining in the year (303), was also a day of tribute for the triple icons of US nationalism?

And yet there it is right there on Wikipedia, confirmed by other sources, that my rather sexy International Threesome Observance Day (ITOD) coincided with a powerful triumvirate of U.S. anniversaries:

1) our standardization of money (the US Mint's, 216th)

2) our adoption of national song.(the war-triumphant Star-Spangled Banner's 76th year)

and the icing on the cake for me--

3) the basis of our policies of sexual speech (134rd year since Comstock's anti-obscenity law).

Our system of commerce, our hymnal of battle pride and our policies on sex - how very Super Bowl-Janet Jackson, of it all. Comstockery, George Bernard Shaw, I see you smiling. And look-- Rodney King-can't- we- just- all- get- along--shares the same date, too?

Fireworks? Who needs 'em? Yesterday's total lunar eclipse, benevolently scheduled an in-air appearance, apparently relatively rare in that it's visible in degree from all seven continents, showing the world yet again, that U.S. freedoms have the right stuff (angled to the left, of course), if it wanted.

If we could only wish upon the stars? And walk the walk that especially we Democrats talk.

How did you observe yesterday's shadow of earth cast over moon, their alignment engaging with the sun? For me, alas, the romantic threesome symbolism was bittersweet.

III (THREE): The Fantasy And Experience Of Threesome Sex, is a socio-erotic grassroots anthology exploring the fantasy and real experience of threesomes, balancing the natural dynamics of three in nature and culture (red, green, yellow light; judicial, executive, legislative; harmony, melody, rhythm; body, mind, spirit, etc.) with the consequence of adding a third into your bed.

Over the past seven years the book has been banned by American small press printers (fearful of employee "community standard" and their regular conservative- pamphlet religious base), sued by one of our own photographers, settled in 2006 (under a copyright law that rarely looks at its potential misuse of the law). The book found itself restricted by Internet e-commerce that was fearful of conservative right uproar ( removed us and forbade us; most forums specify "no sex, no hate" as if they were twins, as do MeetUp and most hosting companies). Even Shareasale the third-party affiliate contractor for that sexy twenty-something progressive site of all things erotic--refused us as a partner because we had "sexual content"--even though the actual site itself, had used our photos for their galleries). Getting press releases distributed is a near impossibility if the focus is sex.

One wonders if the failures of this book is due not just to its sexual theme, but to my first-time marketing, lack of budget acumen, aka "I'm not Paris Hilton, nor do I have her entourage." Wikipedia removed ITOD's two-day old entry for March 3, 2003. The subsequent e-mail from their foundation stated that Wikipedia doesn't censor but that the entry was perhaps removed by the users involved in editing that section because it was not notable enough to qualify. In other words, my party for three did not reach the adequate body count tipping- point of popularity and credibility.

So maybe it's not only the sex, but Darwinian primacy with a dash of the celebrity? Jane Fonda's book got lots of press about her threesome, after all.

The fact lies between Howard Stern and Larry Flynt. Their self-styled battles for sexual free speech gave way to the culture of titillation-supreme over meaning. Raunch is so protected that it imposes restrictions on the less commercial, more thought-provoking elements of sexuality, unable to financially protect themselves against conservative right affronts.

I can laugh at a sex-fart joke with anyone, including the Ann Coulter internal combustion action in a recent Hustler cartoon. But not when it entirely obstructs the view of more beneficial discourse. (Disclosure: LFP payed me very well for a how-to article a few months ago. They gave me and the book a wonderful profile--but I had to agree to an edit so drastic that it made my already sexed-up piece sound like it was written by a horny man, with my name attached .) Is Flynt hypocritical to his belief of free speech, so long as his revenues prevail and it isn't his speech that is curtailed? Am I equally as culpable of whoring my own book, so it would sell? Has Howard Stern ever helped any little guy or woman's civil liberties? Or is it okay that he hides under his it's just entertainment guise?

I've gotten on a bunch of morning shows, more before Janet Jackson's commercial self-exposure inspired the FCC to create the War on What- You- Say- Might- Be- Fined- Just Test-Us. But political shows? Young Turks parlayed the threesome sex talk along with the sexual speech politics, for what turned out to be a very savvy show. And Alan Nathan's Battle Line's conservative Iraq stance gave way to a sexual philosophy so libertine I blushed. But he and I intercoursed our differences. And it felt good. The rest of you political talk shows don't find sexual free speech topical enough? With the exception of Radio Chick most women hosted radio shows are shy of the theme, as well. How many radio listeners know that selling dildos is banned in five states, but guns are allowed?

NPR rarely talks sex. Canadian public radio does. Marty Moss-Coane--how about a panel of nonfiction sex writers or perhaps a dominatrix, a cross dresser, and an Christian evangelist talking about the social integrity of each of their desires? What? Congress might remove yet more funding? Comstockery?

So, how did I, the founder of International Threesome Observance Day, observe yesterday's most underappreciated holiday for sex, money and song? Forgive me for not having celebrated with a threesome (been there, done it , wrote about it, have the sexy little crop top, and yeah, it was fun). Strike two-- I sure don't have any money; Strike three-- my rendition of God Bless America actually did get a real dog to howl before Simon ever could.

But, last night, I just looked for that red-glowed moon, and prayed for a world that respects the responsibility, as well as the freedom, of democratic speech over its commercial assets. Not just the pursuit of, but the flourishing embrace of, true individual happiness, real liberty, fair opportunity and justice--sexual freedom included-- for each other.

Goodnight moon. Hello sunshine. Let's kiss the ground of mother earth.