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Michael Giltz


Theater: Matthew Broderick's New Musical Is Modestly 'Nice Work'

Michael Giltz | Posted June 24, 2012

The hardest part of creating a new musical is writing good songs. A good tune will let audiences forgive a host of ills in the book and sets and costumes. So if you begin by plundering the vaults of George and Ira Gershwin, your task should be much easier. Nice Work If You Can Get It proves that it's not.
Erica Abeel


At Tribeca, Women Filmmakers Reach New Highs -- and Lows

Erica Abeel | Posted June 24, 2012

The good news: several of this year's standout films at the Tribeca Film Festival are by women. The bad news: some of the fest's worst misfires are also by women.
Raşit Çelikezer


'Can' Opens the Space Between -- A Panorama of Cinema in Turkey

Raşit Çelikezer | Posted June 24, 2012

As in many cultures, family is extremely important in Turkey. My film raises the questions: are we ever really prepared to create a family?
Youyoung Lee


Kanye Totally Believes That Kim Kardashian Is His Beyonce

Youyoung Lee | Posted June 24, 2012

Kanye must like Kim, because Kanye doesn't do publicity for publicity's sake. Or, to put it another way: Kanye's fling with Kim couldn't possibly be a publicity stunt, because Kanye has no idea how to manipulate the press. What? Let's take Kanye's peculiar brand of jack-assery, to quote Obama. After...
Jeffrey Abelson


Does the Invisible Hand Really Know Best?

Jeffrey Abelson | Posted June 24, 2012

Is the free market really free? Or does it come at the expense of civic values we neglect at our peril? That's one of many questions I found myself pondering after reading What Money Can't Buy by Michael J. Sandel.
Liz Smith


'Death Of A Salesman' Lunch: Here's To The Luminaries Who Lunch For Mike Nichols!

Liz Smith | Posted June 24, 2012

I mean, what if "the bomb" dropped and wiped out Barry Diller, Mike Nichols, Diane Sawyer, Anna Wintour, or the distinguished cast of the current cultural historical Broadway hit "Death of a Salesman"?
Emma Gray


Sauza Tequila Commercial Uses Hot Fireman And A Kitten To Woo Women

Emma Gray | Posted June 24, 2012

Sauza's tongue-in-cheek tequila commercial is over-the-top in terms of its campy attempt to appeal to women ... and it mostly works.
Corbin Hiar


'Island President' Sheds Harsh New Light on Copenhagen Climate Deal

Corbin Hiar | Posted June 24, 2012

The Island President stars Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically elected president of the Maldives. Until Nasheed was deposed in what his supporters describe as a coup, he was a leading voice in the fight to stop global warming and rising seas which threaten his homeland.
Eduardo Diaz


Vive La Différence?

Eduardo Diaz | Posted June 24, 2012

In November 2009 I checked into my hotel room in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and, as is my habit, I switched on the radio to get a feel for the place.
Greg Voakes


The Average Taco Bell Customer Visits Taco Bell Every 11 Days (Infographic)

Greg Voakes | Posted June 24, 2012

Taco Bell had an arguably sketchy 2011 fiscal year, frontloaded by an almost devastating lawsuit against the quality of their meat, 2012 seems to be the year of rebound for the brand.
Alexander Adler


How to Ride a Subway: The Magical Mystery of Martin Wilner

Alexander Adler | Posted June 24, 2012

So what if each and every commuter became so productive? Imagine the challenge of focusing and drawing on a crowded subway during rush hour. Each of us has been bumped, grinded against, ridiculed by a passerby moonlighting as a diva, or serenaded by a vet.
Frank A. Weil


Anomie in a World of Social Media

Frank A. Weil | Posted June 24, 2012

French sociologist Emile Durkheim gave a name to crowd loneliness: "anomie." That state of mind was believed to be often at the root of social unrest. So this condition is not altogether new, but the Internet may have amped it up a few notches.
E. Nina Rothe


The World Before Her: Just Who Is the Modern Indian Woman?

E. Nina Rothe | Posted June 24, 2012

In The World Before Her, Canadian-based filmmaker Nisha Pahuja takes the audience on a voyage into the apparently contradictory worlds of the glamorous Miss India contest and the militant Durgha Vahini camps.
Rev. Al Sharpton


From Rodney King to Trayvon Martin: Let's Not Miss Another Opportunity to Progress

Rev. Al Sharpton | Posted June 24, 2012

In the case of Trayvon Martin, we have to unite and remember that it isn't about race, but rather justice for a dead teenage boy whose only crime was walking home with a bag of skittles and an iced tea.
Lisa Mirza Grotts


Doctor's Office Etiquette: Turn Dr. No Into Dr. Yes the Next Time You Visit a Medical Professional

Lisa Mirza Grotts | Posted June 24, 2012

If you want good service before, during, and after your office visit, here are some tips for making them go as smoothly as possible.
Ron Radziner, FAIA and Anna Hill


Threads for LA's Wiggle and Sway

Ron Radziner, FAIA and Anna Hill | Posted June 24, 2012

There is something unflinchingly Modern, like MOMA or Mies, about Peggy Moffitt -- you could cap a totem to the International Style with her jet black bob.
Sandip Roy


In Dog We Trust: U.S. President or Dogcatcher?

Sandip Roy | Posted June 24, 2012

The photo-op with the dog makes perfect sense in the hurly-burly of American politics. American presidents tend to be elected on the likeability factor. The dog is the ultimate likeability accessory.
Kerry Kennedy


In Chicago: Nobel Laureates and Students Defending Human Rights, One Step at a Time

Kerry Kennedy | Posted June 24, 2012

I spent yesterday morning in the library of Chicago's Lincoln Park High School, listening to students talk about what the word "hero" means to them. This wasn't any normal school day.
Network Awesome


Creativity Endures: The 'Amen Break' and Copyright Law

Network Awesome | Posted June 24, 2012

What do Amy Winehouse, N.W.A., David Bowie, a Jeep 4x4 commercial, and the cartoon Futurama all have in common? Believe it or not, they all share six seconds of drum music.
Sarah Edwards


Do Memes and Poetry Have Anything in Common?

Sarah Edwards | Posted June 24, 2012

Comparing memes to poetry is enough to make any poetry teacher cringe -- a few of mine probably will, after reading this. Poetry is inherently deep and memes are inherently shallow! Right? But I think the reason we gravitate toward poetry and gravitate toward Internet memes is analogous.
John Paul Rollert


Greg Smith, Adam Smith and the 'Self-Interest' of Goldman Sachs

John Paul Rollert | Posted June 24, 2012

When it comes to doing business, can we make a meaningful distinction between self-interest and selfishness?
Jim Luce


"One Day on Earth" Film Premieres at U.N. and Around World

Jim Luce | Posted June 24, 2012

'One Day on Earth' is a living time capsule of who we are. We have much to fix -- but we have more going for us, it seems, than not.
Edward Wasserman


Cruelty and Truth-telling in the NFL

Edward Wasserman | Posted June 24, 2012

Inside the question of whether gratuitous mayhem is a strategic element of pro football is a question of a different kind. It involves former Saints standout Steve Gleason and a filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon, who's making a documentary about Gleason's struggle with ALS.
Rochelle Jewel Shapiro


Seminar: How Much Humiliation Does a Writer need in Order to Write?

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro | Posted June 24, 2012

While watching Theresa Rebeck's searing and funny play, Seminar, about an unethical but brilliant celebrity editor named Leonard giving a $5,000 a pop seminar to wannabe writers, I was haunted by the memories of a few of the writing instructors I had.
David Coggins


Failing Upward: An Interview With the Indispensable George Gurley

David Coggins | Posted June 24, 2012

His dispatches from the front lines of New York society evolved into reportage of Gurley's own exploits in boîtes he patronized until he stumbled home, or was ejected, with his dignity in disarray.
Jesse Aizenstat


The Big Six Book Publishers Need to Innovate Like the Good Americans That They Are

Jesse Aizenstat | Posted June 24, 2012

It's a sad day for the Big Six publishers -- but not because they're in a bitter race to the bottom. It's sad because of their thinking. These publishers would rather close the doors and slash their staff than innovate in a changing market.
Kisa Lala


Isabella Rossellini Speaks About Late Bloomers -- And Reaching 60

Kisa Lala | Posted June 24, 2012

Rossellini was one of a pair of twins of the late actress Ingrid Bergman, who died in her 60's. I wondered if reaching 60 made Rossellini reevaluate her life and career.
Jaimie Etkin


'Girls' On HBO: 30 Things Girls Don't Do From Episode 1 And Episode 2

Jaimie Etkin | Posted June 24, 2012

Though a majority of the backlash stems from racism claims and jealousy towards 25-year-old creator/director/writer/star Lena Dunham, the thing I couldn't get past in the first episode of "Girls" was a cupcake.
Jeryl Brunner


Daring Deals and the Art of Taking Risks

Jeryl Brunner | Posted June 24, 2012

I love hearing stories about people who take risks to make life-changing deals. Wasn't it Donald Trump who once said, "Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals. That's how I get my kicks"?
Keli Goff


There Is Racism in Reality TV but not on The Bachelor

Keli Goff | Posted June 24, 2012

These reality shows send the same message: no matter how much you dress us up or how much money we may have, underneath it all for every woman of color is a finger-pointing, profanity-using stereotype ready to solve any dispute with physical violence because that's how we "keep it real."
Laura Prudom


'Gossip Girl' Recap: Sins of the Father (and Mother) Cause Chaos in 'Despicable B'

Laura Prudom | Posted June 24, 2012

The good thing about "Despicable B" is that the writers have apparently wised up to the fact that Blair's had totally bipolar characterization for a while now, and I guess it's better late than never to address that imbalance.
Noel Gallagher


Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Where I Get Blanked by the Dalai Lama

Noel Gallagher | Posted June 24, 2012

Where were we? San Diego? Strange place. Nice place. Very hot. Not much else to say about it really. It was an in and out job. The gig was a bit... a bit... a bit... I'm searching for a word here and I can't find it... a bit meh? That's what you young people say innit?
David Wild


An Unbroken Circle: The McEuen Sessions Is the Very Best Kind of Family Album

David Wild | Posted June 23, 2012

The power of The McEuen Sessions has nothing to do with my family, and everything to do with the McEuens, who have created a true family album that reflects the musical experiences of a few lifetime. There are too many highlights here to mention.
Carlos Fernandez


The Death of Judyism and What It Means for Gay Men

Carlos Fernandez | Posted June 23, 2012

Regardless of how difficult each of us gay men had it growing up, we all had a sense that we were "different." We listen and identify with icons like Judy because through their voices we can silence the one we hear inside ourselves that tells us we're wrong for being who we are.
Anna Brand


'Bethenny Ever After' Recap: A Birthday Massage Situation

Anna Brand | Posted June 23, 2012

Bethenny not-at-all tastelessly pointed out Brynn's lollipop technique, discussed her feelings calmly without the supervision (and drugs) provided by Dr. A. and had a birthday much more enjoyable than last year's fiasco.