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Crystal Bell

'Girls' Recap: Michigan State Of Mind In 'The Return'

Crystal Bell | Posted May 20, 2012

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 6 of HBO's "Girls," entitled, "The Return."

If there's one takeaway from this week's episode of "Girls," it's that mom always knows best. The last time we saw Hannah's mom, she was shouting,...

Stuart McIntyre

3 Reasons There Wasn't an American Spring

Stuart McIntyre | Posted May 20, 2012

As we approach June, and college students find summer jobs and move back into their childhood bedrooms, there is a burning question in the minds of many on the American left. Why wasn't there an American Spring? Where was the youth revolt we were all expecting? It seems that, save...

Joel John Roberts

Charity Impossible: Do America's Charities Need Rescuing?

Joel John Roberts | Posted May 20, 2012

Robert Irvine charges in like a bull in a fine dining establishment, except the restaurant in need of rescuing is typically failing, and certainly not fine. His television show on Food Network displays Irvine's talent in reviving dying eateries, with a change of interiors, menu, branding, and of course,...

April Salchert

Facebook Rehab: Congratulations Mark, I'm Leaving

April Salchert | Posted May 20, 2012

Facebook is everywhere. Thanks to smartphones, Facebook is on the train, in shopping malls, in bars and restaurants, in everyday passing conversation, in multiple languages, in class, meetings, seminars, and even present during oral defenses for our MA dissertations. And now, it's on Wall Street.

It seems impossible to have...

Jon Eig

The New Abnormal: What Modern Sitcoms Can Learn From the Past

Jon Eig | Posted May 20, 2012

The networks announced their 2012/13 seasons this week. Many years ago, this was a big event. It isn't anymore. But the media still trots out a few column inches on the new shows we can expect to see cancelled next fall. And I always look, hoping to find some vestige...

George Heymont

Don't Miss FWD: Life Gone Viral!

George Heymont | Posted May 20, 2012

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, stop what you're doing right now and click here to order tickets to FWD: Life Gone Viral, the wickedly brilliant new comedy that is scheduled to run through June 10 at The Marsh (but which I suspect will be extended...

Joel D. Hirst

The Aloneness of Social Media

Joel D. Hirst | Posted May 20, 2012

Our world has become more social. We are more than ever an interconnected species; existing in new digitally urbanized neighborhoods that transcend physical geography. Our communities consist now not of our neighbors -- most of us don't even know who they are. Nor are our most frequent contacts with church...

John Lundberg

Poetry Out Loud Makes Beautiful Noise

John Lundberg | Posted May 20, 2012

Kristen Dupard, a high school senior from Mississippi, won the 2012 Poetry Out Loud national recitation contest on Tuesday. It was a long road for Kristen, who had to advance from her classroom to a school-wide competition, then on through regional/state competitions, just to make the finals in Washington, D.C....

Zach Puchtel


Zach Puchtel | Posted May 20, 2012

If you're having trouble deciphering the title of this blog, you may want to freshen up your online lingo. Grammar as we once knew it is being replaced by acronyms, a far cry from the origins of online communication.

My first relationship was in 1996, at the ripe young age...

Tim Lihoreau

11 People You Don't Want To Be Friends With

Tim Lihoreau | Posted May 20, 2012

To paraphrase a very old joke, I still don't quite know why my mother didn't make me a mornuntiaphiliac. Perhaps she didn't have enough wool, so I got a purple tank top instead.

To explain, my mum always used to be an inveterate mornuntiaphiliac - that is, someone who...

Brad Hirschfield

My Neighbor's Faith: The Rabbi And The Christian Cab Driver

Brad Hirschfield | Posted May 20, 2012

I flew into Syracuse, N.Y., on a windy evening in October of 2000. After we landed, I hailed a cab. This not being New York City, where I am from, there was no cab line, no wait and no time to look at the car I was jumping into.