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Russell Watson


Loud and Proud to Be British!

Russell Watson | Posted July 27, 2012

I've always had a sense of patriotism since being a young boy. My first sense of this was when, in 1977, at the Queen's Silver Jubilee (which only really seems like a blink away) we had a huge street party.
George Heymont


Two Young Playwrights Show Great Promise

George Heymont | Posted July 27, 2012

If any theater company's artistic director is looking to produce an evening of white-knuckle drama with a small cast, I can't recommend Sam Leichter's trilogy of short plays strongly enough. His writing is exquisite, his plotting meticulous, and his characters are unforgettable.
Karin Badt


Cannes 2012: Catherine Corsini's Three Worlds With Arta Dobroshi

Karin Badt | Posted July 27, 2012

There were no women directors represented in this year's "Competition" at Cannes, a point that was acknowledged with misgiving by some of the attendees of the festival. For this reason, I went to see Catherine Corsini's film Three Worlds in the "Certain Regard" category.
Amy Weber


How Our Society Has Manifested the Bullying Epidemic

Amy Weber | Posted July 27, 2012

Bullying is a multi-layered epidemic. It's like a disease that cultivates and feeds off of the bloodline of social acceptance and like-minded opinion, fueled by fear and pain so deep, it is subconscious. But where exactly does bullying originate?
John Lundberg


Three Poems for Memorial Day

John Lundberg | Posted July 27, 2012

In honor of Memorial Day, I've selected two poems from the past and one from the present to help remember the sacrifices of our soldiers.
Eddie Cota


Costa Rica Turns Up The Music

Eddie Cota | Posted July 27, 2012

My Costa Rica experience reaffirmed my belief that nothing brings people closer than music. There is the perfect group out there to fit any situation. It's a matter of discovery and engaging in conversations with people that actually care.


Mourning Around the World

KidSpirit | Posted July 27, 2012

Almost every religion or culture has its own traditions involving mourning. They all ultimately achieve the same thing, which is coming to terms with death.