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Erika L. Sánchez


Responding to Catcalls

Erika L. Sánchez | Posted October 9, 2012

It's not that I don't ever want anyone to look at me. I subtly admire people's aesthetic qualities on a daily basis, but I don't think it's unreasonable to ask not to be whistled at like some sort of farm animal or have my body parts discussed obscenely.
Jon Chattman


A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Go West With PK, Head East With The Ugly Club, and Catch an Exclusive Performance From Citizen Cope

Jon Chattman | Posted October 9, 2012

Today, I'm talking about a different Lost Boys and while it has absolutely nothing to do with the opening lines of this post, it is stellar in a very non-Frogg Brothers way.
David Finkle


First Nighter: Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine Go 'Into the Woods' and Get Lost

David Finkle | Posted October 9, 2012

Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine want to make damn sure you know that life is made of the occasional modest high and the frequent devastating low. Sondheim has always hewed to his motivating themes of ambivalence and ambiguity.
Domenick Scudera


Straight Acting, Straight Appearing

Domenick Scudera | Posted October 9, 2012

I am a director, and I have shocking insight for Bret Easton Ellis and Ramin Setoodeh and others who think gay actors cannot play straight: Actors are acting. Yes, I know, it is hard to believe! Actors portray people who are not themselves.
Amy Wu


Being Bi-Continental: Remembering How to Be Chinese or American

Amy Wu | Posted October 9, 2012

In the days after arriving, I shifted time zones (east to west), and swiftly fell into the familiar routine of driving, eating salad for lunch, and falling asleep amongst crickets chirping in American suburbia.
Foz Meadows


Racism, 'Revealing Eden' and STGRB

Foz Meadows | Posted October 9, 2012

The number and severity of the problems present in Victoria Foyt's Revealing Eden are such that the novel ultimately serves to reinforce the very same toxic behavior it sets out to debunk.
Dori Hartley


Atheism: Taking Off the Training Wheels

Dori Hartley | Posted October 9, 2012

Whereas I do recognize the need in people to believe in things that give them comfort, I can't help but register many of these things as delusional. It's not meant to be a putdown; it's just an observation on my part.
Cory D. Byrom


Pretty in Pink

Cory D. Byrom | Posted October 9, 2012

My oldest son is what one might call "gender non-conforming". That's just a PC way of saying his favorite color is pink and he likes getting a mani/pedi. Is he gay? I don't know. He's 5. Likely he doesn't know yet either.
Death Race


Q&A With Lisa Ann, Star of Who's Nailin' Paylin

Death Race | Posted October 9, 2012

Sarah Palin may not be speaking at this year's Republican convention in Tampa, but Lisa Ann, the adult film actress, and star of Hustler's political parody porn Who's Nailin' Paylin, is slated for some stage time.
Xaque Gruber


The DreamBox Ventures to Burning Man and Beyond

Xaque Gruber | Posted October 9, 2012

The DreamBox is a solar-powered video booth that the public can walk into and speak about their greatest dream, or aspiration in life. Using the power of film and social media, Saunders believes those dreams can and will come true.
Eliot Van Buskirk


Why Shouldn't Mitt Romney Advertise on Pandora?

Eliot Van Buskirk | Posted October 9, 2012

Although the idea of presidential candidates spying on your listening habits to send you ads might seem scary, in some way, there's really nothing to be surprised about here. It is, quite literally, politics (and advertising) as usual.
Jenn Kennedy


Sculptor Marianne Weil Opens Her Studio (PHOTOS)

Jenn Kennedy | Posted October 9, 2012

Countless sculptural pieces, in varying stages of production, line the walls of Weil's home and studio, a converted vegetable barn that she shares with her partner, Diane. Light streams in from skylights throughout the house, illuminating her vast body of work.
Howard Sherman


Changing Theatre: Turn and Face the Strain

Howard Sherman | Posted October 9, 2012

Read More: Theater, Theatre
While "Model the Movement" was the stated name for the Theatre Communication Group's 2012 national conference, it may as well have been "Changes: Turn and Face the Strain" from David Bowie's early hit song.
Dennis Miller


Love Me Tender: Elvis' Top 20 Songs Part 2

Dennis Miller | Posted October 9, 2012

Like Mark Twain, Elvis, of poor, rural Southern beginnings, combined genius, lifestyle, clothing, and mannerisms to create a voice, image and body of work that are both immortal and uniquely American.
John M. Eger


New Leadership Shaping the Creative Community

John M. Eger | Posted October 9, 2012

Becoming a creative community is complex and often convoluted, but mostly requires new thinking, new policies, new leadership... which doesn't necessarily fit into any existing cubbyhole.
Bronston Jones


Fringe Fest: Day 1 & 2

Bronston Jones | Posted October 9, 2012

It's hard to believe this festival is in a little city in Scotland, because it's big. Well, big doesn't do this thing justice -- The Fringe is bigger than big. It's huge, massive, enormous, or in American terms, it's super-sized.
Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn


A Conversation With Itzhak Perlman

Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn | Posted October 9, 2012

Itzhak Perlman is one of the greatest violinists of his or any other generation. With a new CD coming out and the upcoming 50th anniversary of his debut at Carnegie Hall, Maestro Perlman took some time to talk about the music that is close to his heart.
Sheril Antonio


Red Hook Summer

Sheril Antonio | Posted October 9, 2012

Red Hook Summer is as much an experience as it is a narrative and as such feels more "spacious" than what some of us would consider the "usual" Spike Lee film.
David Wild


Yes, Virginia, There Is Life After the London Olympics

David Wild | Posted October 9, 2012

Soon the 2012 Olympics will end, and the games of life as we know it will continue. Here are five things I love right now that may help fill up all of our lives in between the Closing Ceremonies and the raging amusement parks of the Conventions.
Michael Bialas


Fine Folks, Part I: Kathleen Edwards Keeps Moving On

Michael Bialas | Posted October 9, 2012

The making of Voyageur was both productive and painful as Kathleen Edwards happily explored new ground, went through a divorce and took her creative partnership with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon in a more intimate direction.
Kevin Childs


Russia's Other Heroes: The Gay Voices of 1812

Kevin Childs | Posted October 9, 2012

In a week when three members of Pussy Riot, Russian President Vladimir Putin's prime party poopers, have been put on trial in Moscow accused of "hooliganism" in an Orthodox church (they sang a "punk" prayer!!!), Russian "queer" politics may have stumbled on its own 1812 moment.
Eric Kester


Winning Back the Teenage Male

Eric Kester | Posted October 9, 2012

The literary world has lost the teenage boy. When school begins in the fall and I ask my students who read a book this summer, only a few male hands will reach skyward. I'll be ostensibly upset because there was a summer reading assignment, but deep down I'll somewhat understand.
Jeff DeGraff


Out With the New and in With the Old

Jeff DeGraff | Posted October 9, 2012

The question isn't, "What does Beethoven sound like in a virtual environment?" but rather, "How does symphonic music remain relevant to a generation that doesn't care for Beethoven?" You can almost hear the purse close.
Lloyd I. Sederer, MD


Book Review: Brain-Based Parenting: The Neuroscience of Caregiving for Healthy Attachment

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD | Posted October 9, 2012

Neuroscience and cognitive psychology are two of several exciting new fields about the brain and behavior. This book does sound justice to these subjects and to the evolving way that science can (and must) inform and assist everyday human endeavors, including parenting.
Monica Bauer


Artists in the Middle of Fringe Crazy

Monica Bauer | Posted October 9, 2012

The excitement of the Festival going off like a sprinter in the 400 meters, well, that's wearing thin. And the 400 meters go by in a flash, don't they? And then where are you, after?
Anne McGrath


"Raunchy Librarians Take Manhattan!"

Anne McGrath | Posted October 9, 2012

There's a delicate art to selling a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. When my sister was helping me flyer for the show I'm producing at the 2012 Fringe, we discovered an entirely new flyering move -- straight-up lying.
John Seed


Towards Eclecticism

John Seed | Posted October 9, 2012

Eclecticism is beautiful because it allows every label, every approach, every style and every work of art to be allowed into the ring of possibilities.
Christina Patterson


We Transformed Sport: Let's Do the Same for Young Lives

Christina Patterson | Posted October 9, 2012

It might not get better than this. This moment, in this year, in this country, might be the best we get. We're having a party, and doing it well. We looked like the kind of family where everyone works together very well.