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Cyrus Massoumi
Cyrus Massoumi (@CyrusMassoumi) is founder and CEO of ZocDoc, which he created in 2007 after rupturing an eardrum. Massoumi struggled for four painful days to find a doctor, and became convinced that a better healthcare system is possible. He has extensive experience in the health care-technology nexus, web commerce and management.

Prior to ZocDoc, Massoumi served as an Engagement Manager at the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he focused on healthcare and technology. Massoumi’s four-year tenure at McKinsey & Co. began soon after his 2003 graduation from Columbia University, where he earned an MBA and received the Heffernan Award for Outstanding Service.
In 1999, Massoumi founded his first business, a web startup specializing in e-commerce management tools. During the prior year, he worked in Austin, Texas, for Trilogy Software, which recruited Massoumi upon his graduation from the Wharton School cum laude.

Massoumi currently resides in Manhattan, New York. A native of Florida, Massoumi once served as a staffer for a US Senator. He also worked at Disney World, where he learned important lessons about customer service.
Massoumi first met ZocDoc founder and Chief Technology Officer Nick Ganju when the two shared a desk at Trilogy Software. He met ZocDoc founder and COO Dr. Oliver Kharraz several years later, when they collaborated on a project at McKinsey & Company. Massoumi’s most proud and humbling distinction to date is ZocDoc’s recognition by Crain’s New York Business as the Best Place to Work in New York.

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