07/12/2011 10:48 pm ET | Updated Sep 11, 2011

WATCH: Personal Watercraft Sucked Into a Wave (PHOTOS)

Despite the waning popularity of surfers using a personal watercraft (PWC) to tow themselves into big waves, certain surf breaks still deem PWCs necessary because of the size and shape of the wave. Former two-time World Champion surfer Tom Carroll and big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones recently partnered up to film a new 3D movie called Storm Surfers 3D. In the middle of shooting big wave surf footage at Margaret River, Western Australian, tricky conditions caught up with Carroll, who was towing Clarke-Jones into the waves.

"I saw Ross down there and knew we were in serious trouble," said Carroll. "I tried to manhandle the ski but the wave just took me where it wanted."

While Carroll was getting into serious trouble, Clarke-Jones was surfing the wave below, not knowing the trouble his tow partner was getting into. The wave sucked Carroll and the PWC over the falls, destroying both the PWC and an attached $15,000 carbon-fiber 3D camera rig. Despite the damage to the inanimate objects, Carroll himself only suffered a bruised shin. The following is a sequence of photos that shows the fall in detail. For more information, visit the Storm Surfers official Facebook page.

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