08/06/2013 12:19 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

WaXed Episode 10 -- Peter Mel

WaXed is a surf talk radio show hosted by Cyrus Saatsaz and former professional surfer Omar Etcheverry that airs Saturday mornings from 11 AM -- Noon on ESPN 1700 in Southern California.

This week's episode features an exclusive interview with big wave surfer Peter Mel who joined the show to talk about winning a surf contest at Maverick's, the impact of the ASP taking over the Big Wave World Tour, webcast commentating ASP World Tour events, what being the brand manager with Quiksilver entails and whether rumors of economic troubles at the surf company are true, winning the Big Wave World Tour, and his plans for possibly taking over his family's surf shop and recaps an exciting week in surfing news including more information regarding the ASP merging with the Big Wave World Tour, Kelly Slater's passion for mixed martial arts, the state of California wanting to start charging Northern Californians for parking at the beach and increasing parking prices at Southern California beaches, Laird Hamilton creating a lot of controversy by saying hypocritical comments regarding overcrowding at Teahupoo and how athletes shouldn't be punished for using performance enhancing drugs, and how a surfer got away from the police by paddling away in the ocean.