Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Mortgage Settlement Payout Does Not Begin to Cover Costs, Pain
Greek Leaders Bailout Deal To Satisfy Lenders
House Passes Weakened Insider Trading Bill
CPAC 2012: Live Updates From The Conservative Political Action Conference
Facebook Discloses Mark Zuckerberg's Big Bonus
WATCH: JFK Intern Discusses Sordid Details Of Affair
Robert Scheer: Elections Are for Suckers
Our own elections, the ones our government has modeled for the world, are a hoax. What other word should we use to describe this year's presidential election, whose outcome will turn on which party's Super PACs gets the most generous bribes from billionaires?
Amb. Marc Ginsberg: The Obama Administration's Syrian Double Standard
If the Obama administration continues on its present course and does not confront the Russian-Syrian arms transfers with tougher resolve, it won't be merely "leading from behind"; it will be turning its back on the growing humanitarian catastrophe.
Barbara Becker: The Swastika in Our Neighborhood
While walking with my 8-year-old son near our home in Manhattan, he spotted a purple swastika scrawled across a billboard advertisement. As I took in the complexities of the situation, my son uttered words that made my heart break.
Hilary Rosen: Have We Really Come Down to a Boys Against the Girls Fight?
This public debate on whether or not the Obama administration's sensible policy on covering birth control has turned into a boys against the girls fight. And the boys are out of touch and out of line.
Menachem Rosensaft: Holocaust Torah Scrolls Scam: Demanding Accountability
It remains to be seen whether Zitelman and others at Save a Torah who kept their heads in the sand long after evidence of Youlus's fraudulent scheme had become incontrovertible will ever offer a public apology for their role in this abomination.