Sunday, July 24, 2016
Obama Campaign Targets Romney's Bain Capital Record With Videos, Website
Source: JPMorgan To Accept Resignation Of Chief Investment Officer
Unseen: Trailblazing Military Women Forced To Fight For Recognition, Equal Treatment
CONFIRMED: Yahoo CEO Out After Just 4 Months
Activist Group's Founder Reportedly Arrested
David Frum: Think the U.S. Election Is About the Economy? Not.
Barack Obama is foreign. Oh yeah? Mitt Romney is a bully. Think the U.S. presidential election will be about the economy? Think again. We'd like to imagine that elections are decided on the issues, by voters responding rationally to competing policy proposals. But myth and narrative are stronger than reason -- and strongest of all when, as now in the U.S., times are hard and solutions are lacking.
Tony Blair: Why Inter-Faith Understanding Is More Important Than Ever in Leadership
I am a Christian and will remain so. This means that there are certain beliefs I hold dear. But I can, without reducing my Christian commitment, surely accept that someone else, brought up in a different tradition, holds a different set of beliefs, holds them as strongly as I hold mine, and I can respect that person and his/her right to believe as he/she does. In an era of globalisation, in which we are far more likely to share society together because society is becoming more diverse and the internet is creating a more global sense of community, the existence of such respect and mutual understanding becomes essential.
Kerry Kennedy: Bullying, Leadership and the Presidency of the United States
Every time a student hears a sexist joke or a racial slur, every time she hears the words 'faggot' or 'slut' or 'fatso' or 'retard,' she must make a decision. Will I be a perpetrator, a victim, a bystander or a human rights defender?
Joseph A. Palermo: JP Morgan's Loss Could Be America's Gain
The public opprobrium directed at Wall Street throughout 2008 and 2009 met with no satisfactory reformist result. That leaves us with Occupy Wall Street as the only viable option of steering the nation off the course of permanent high unemployment, low wages, and a shredded social safety net.
Leo W. Gerard: What's It All About, Romney?
For Mitt Romney, it's about exploiting the 99 percent for the profit of the 1 percent. That vulture capitalist philosophy is bad enough in the business world, but it's dead wrong for public service.