Friday, September 30, 2016
Generational First: No Mention of Climate At Debates
Bob Schieffer Criticized For Letting Debate Get Off Rails
Bernanke: Peace Out
Giants Reach World Series
Arianna Huffington: On New Hips, Old Habits and the Inestimable Value of Giving Blood
I'm happy to announce that I've just returned home from the hospital with a new arrival. I'm not sure how much it weighs, but it seems to be healthy, and it's already walking -- albeit unsteadily and with a cane. I'm talking about my brand-new hip, which was swapped in last Tuesday. The surgery -- as well as my blood transfusion the day after -- has opened my eyes and my heart to the issue of blood donations. It's a very humbling -- even overwhelming -- experience having someone else's generosity literally being pumped into your veins. After being on the receiving end, I'm looking forward to giving back as soon as I'm able. I'm also looking forward to some other things: hiking, walking without a cane, sitting in the lotus position -- and not looking at every set of stairs like they're Mt. Everest.
Robert Reich: Obama as Commander-in-Chief, Romney as Dithering Bully
Although Monday night's topic was foreign policy, I hope Americans understood it was also about every other major challenge we face. Mitt Romney is not only a cold warrior; he's also a class warrior. And the two are closely related.
Richard N. Haass: Bringing the Foreign Policy Debate Home
A good deal can and will be said about Monday night's foreign policy debate, but the bottom line may be that it was not so much about foreign policy and not so much a debate.
Marlo Thomas: Adopt A Shelter Dog. It Could Save Your Life.
October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and we found so many inspiring stories of adopted shelter dogs that have done amazing things -- from saving lives to detecting cancer -- that we decided to put together a collection of stories.
Maria Bello: The Badass Women of Darfur
What do you know about the crisis in Darfur today? Despite the outcry and the attention built around the Darfur genocide movement, little has been done to affect the situation on the ground.