Typical Putin Reaction to Elections

So does Vladimir Putin think that if he called American elections unfair that people would be inspired to demonstrate??? It would be quite amazing that one country would have that much influence over another. So is he then admitting that the United States has such heavy influence over his Russian people, despite all his anti-U.S. rhetoric over the years, that Russians would voluntarily revolt against his government based on Hillary Clinton's statements? It seems unlikely that he believes that either, and is only looking to point blame anywhere outside of the obvious.

I'm tired of people looking to point fingers everywhere except at themselves! Has Putin in any way addressed the reports of falsifications that have been documented across Russia that reflect back at manipulations in favor of his own party? No, he has only threatened to jail people who have uploaded videos. I think a lesson Putin has yet to learn is that credibility and accountability in the long run will keep people's faith rather than distortion and fear. People are aware of the truth even if they are scared. Why do all these dictatorial leaders from Libya to Syria to Russia and North Korea want to remain in power at all costs, against the will of the majority of their people? This desire is what needs to be explored. The fact is that the foundation of power that the current Russian government is built on is made up of lies and fear. When conditions change and people get tired of this, and decide to stand together for truth and justice, the regime will quickly crumble.