Credit Suisse Circumvents Iran Sanctions to Make Money

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As if banks don't already need to completely rebrand, yesterday Credit Suisse (CS) admitted to violating U.S. economic sanctions and agreed to pay $536 million to settle a Justice Department probe.

Seriously? With all the schemes these banks have run in the past few years they are now using Iran-Contra as a model in a fancy Excel spreadsheet? This is yet another glaring example that the people who run these paper entities are complete profiteers and worship the almighty dollar more than anything else in the universe. But don't worry, their self-interest will bring the most benefit to ... to ... to themselves.

Will the US strip Credit Suisse of their charter to do business in the US? No. We live in the wild West. Pay a fine and go back on your merry way of screwing the people who have invited you to do business in our local communities.

Well, you can't really blame the Swiss bankers. They pride themselves on their neutrality. It's the politically correct way to be a profiteering scumbag with great bedfellows like the Nazis and now nuke-building megalomaniacs (which, like the US government, should be understood as a separate party from innocent citizens who work hard and are good members of their communities).

We are truly living through the Golden Era of Legally Criminal Corporations ...