01/07/2009 12:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Kate Hudson Theory" Further Proved by Bride Wars

Kate Hudson Theory: If Kate Hudson died immediately after Almost Famous, she would've gone down as one of the best actresses of all time.

For the record, I do not want Kate Hudson to die. She seems like an extremely friendly person, and I wish her no ill will. If anything, I want her to succeed. That's why her best career move should've been to call it a life right after Almost Famous.

Nothing dramatic like a drug overdose--that's just depressing. And given that pretty mug of hers, I'd hate for anything violent to take her down. Though now that I think about it, people in plane crashes seem to get a lot of cred. You know what, let's go with plane crash.

If I wanted someone to die, which I don't, I certainly wouldn't wish a plane crash on them. Wishing a plane crash on someone is like wishing them a legacy, which is what I want for Kate. Are there ways to bypass the plane crash on the path to a legacy? I hope so, but I just can't think of them at the moment. So for now, let's stick with plane crash.

Had Kate Hudson's plane crashed right after Almost Famous, she would've gone out on one of the best breakthrough performances ever put on film. We all would've wondered and discussed all she never got to do, all the untapped talent. The sky was the limit and that same sky took her from us.

Unfortunately, by what can only be described as bad luck, she stayed alive. And since not going to a better place, the actress who blew us away as Penny Lane chose not to play juicy roles or interesting characters. Instead, she picked parts such as "Kate Hudson in Generic Movie," "Kate Hudson in Period Piece" and "Kate Hudson in Matthew McConaughey's Arms."

It's not fair. Not to us. Not to her. We were on the brink of the best actress of our time, but she had to ruin it with a full, healthy life dedicated to romantic comedies. Don't get me wrong, I love a good RomCom, and I even enjoyed the sequel to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (inexplicably called Fool's Gold). But just imagine if her plane went down after Almost Famous. Her filmography would look like this:

200 Cigarettes
Almost Famous

That's James Dean-esque right there. Imagine if James Dean didn't die so early into his career. It was inevitable that he, too, would've eventually phoned in some clunkers. Maybe even a romantic comedy, trading barbs with a co-worker at his advertising agency. Actually, I'd love to see that. I bet he'd be great.

But the only reason I can picture James Dean oozing charisma is because he had the decency to go out on top.

At the end of Almost Famous, Kate buys that plane ticket to Morocco. She's on her own and we love her for it. She leaves the frame, but then her hand reaches back in and grabs her sunglasses. It's awesome. She's matured, but she's still got some fun in her.

That plane probably landed in Morocco. Then it probably flew back to America. Then she probably took a few more flights. None of them went down in a blaze of glory.

And Kate Hudson did not go down as the best actress ever.