11/18/2011 08:22 am ET | Updated Jan 18, 2012

Rick Perry Busy Grasping at Straws

Governor Perry has been extremely busy trying to regain traction for his campaign that his own ineptness has derailed. His recent flurry of activity does indeed bolster his assertion that he is not nearly as smart as our current president. Point scored, governor.

After Rep. Steny Hoyer criticized Perry's plan for a part-time Congress, the gorvenor thought the logical thing to do would be to challenge House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi to a debate on his plan to revamp Congress.

Sure, his Republican base hates the once highly effective, but former, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi almost as much as President Obama, but why would he choose to debate someone he is not running against? Perhaps because he has been so ineffective debating the candidates he is running against.

Really the logical person to debate would be current the Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner. The part-time Congress plan might give Speaker Boehner reason to pause, though since he has only managed to muster a 12% favorability rating with the current Congressional schedule, he should probably be thinking about working a little harder.

Unfortunately for Mr. Perry and late night talk show hosts, Minority Leader Pelosi has declined the Perry campaign's generous offer. In fact, after Perry served up this softball to Pelosi, one wonders if she may be thinking about a career in late night television after she retires from politics. When you hear the response from the former Speaker it is obvious that she hit this particular soft ball out of the park.

The now fearless debater has also been busy running advertisements. His most recent ad uses an out of context quote from President Obama to suggest that President Obama thinks that Americans are lazy. The well coiffed and indignant Perry then calls the President "pathetic" for making such a statement.

It would not be hard to put the actual statement in context and doing so would reveal that Rick Perry had so distorted the president's intentions that in addition to being a cowboy we can now very appropriately call him a liar. He did not stretch the truth this time; he was guilty of perpetrating a "monstrous lie." Yet another "pathetic" attempt for Rick Perry to gain some momentum with the conservative base.

Governor Perry does not stop there. During a Wednesday interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Perry played to his party's disdain for candidates who possess the ability to make an intellectual argument, by stating that Obama's "smartest man in the room" mentality is hurting the country.

Do not worry sir, most of America right now questions whether you possess even a modicum of intelligence and it would be difficult to mistake you as the smartest man in the room, unless perhaps you were giving a presentation to a 4th grade classroom.

Yes Governor Perry, in a perfect world our next president should be decided by determining which candidate looks best in a cowboy hat, but when your party favors giving handouts to the most profitable corporations in America while vehemently fighting to make sure as many people as possible go without health care, we are undoubtedly living in a world that is far from perfect.