Poor Tony Snow

09/01/2007 04:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Whether or not you agree with Tony Snow's politics, I think you have to acknowledge it's a sad day in the United States when the White House press secretary quits because his salary is too low.

CNN reports: "Snow, who had said he would leave his post before the end of Bush's second term, repeated that the decision is based on finances, not health. He took a major pay cut after leaving the world of cable television and talk radio to come to the White House.

According to the Washington Post, Snow makes $168,000 as the White House spokesman."

Snow will likely return to the world of radio and cable television punditry, a trade presumably more suited to sustain his family's lifestyle than his $168,000 public servant salary.

Something feels weird here.

Snow's decision doesn't verge on the egregiousness of presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's brazen neglect of his duties on the Iraq Study group to complete a lecture tour, but there is something profoundly off-putting about this rich man's abdication of public office for personal monetary gain.

I realize the necessity of looking out for number one, but are Americans really supposed to relate to--or respect--a leader who broadcasts that earning nearly four times the national average median income is simply untenable for him?

For two years, Tony Snow has been the voice of the president of the United States. His out-of-touch behavior is another good reason why Americans don't trust their government.