10/14/2009 01:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Help Global Links Send Medical Supplies to Latin America & The Caribbean By Donating

This week, Pittsburgh-based Global Links is celebrating its 20th year of providing desperately-needed medical supplies to nine different countries in the Western Hemisphere. Global Links does this by recovering perfectly good, surplus medical materials from U.S. hospitals and shipping them to under served communities in less developed countries, such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. See, Today's Article on Global Links' 20th Year.

In these countries, hospitals and clinics lack the most basic medical supplies, such as bandages, needles, sutures, syringes and blood pressure units. Meanwhile, hospitals in this country throw away an estimated 2,000 tons of unused surgical supplies, worth over $200 million, each year. Global Links was founded to recover these supplies and get them to hospitals and doctors who are prepared to use them, thereby helping the most needy in our hemisphere while saving the environment in the process.

Since 1989, Global Links has recovered almost 3,000 tons of medical supplies and delivered more than $140 million worth of medical materials to hospitals and clinics in the developing world, focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean. And, realizing that poorly planned donations can be worse than no aid at all, each donation is carefully tailored to meet the needs of the recipient institution. Global Links carries out this mission efficiently, spending less than 3% on overhead costs.

Right now, Global Links is focused on addressing two key Millenium Development Goals set by the United Nations: reducing infant mortality and improving maternal health in developing countries. Global Links is doing this by supporting maternity and pediatric clinics in the poorest countries of this region.

Consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Global Links to help it continue its mission of serving the poorest of the poor in this hemisphere. With only $15,000, Global Links can ship a 40-foot container to one of the countries it serves, each container carrying around $100,000 worth of medical supplies to those in need. Let's try to raise $15,000 this week to help guarantee such a shipment. Go to Global Links to make your contribution.