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Dan Mathews

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Joan Rivers' Animal Evolution

(42) Comments | Posted September 4, 2014 | 5:40 PM

joan rivers
Joan Rivers with PETA's Dan Mathews

Joan Rivers had a barbed tongue but she also had a soft spot for animals. She went everywhere with her dog, Spike, whom she credited with saving her from committing suicide after her husband's death.

Despite her penchant...

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NBC to Johnny Weir: Yes to Tiaras and Mascara, No to Fur

(9) Comments | Posted February 20, 2014 | 3:42 PM

Add animal rights to the list of issues buzzing from Sochi: NBC told Olympics correspondent Johnny Weir to dress as flamboyantly as he wants -- but to ditch his infamous furs.

"Do whatever you want. Just on our air, no fur. And that's something that I can understand. I don't...

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Party Out of Bounds

(58) Comments | Posted October 11, 2011 | 5:26 PM

"I've never seen so many excited gays before," observed a sweaty reveler on the pulsing dance floor at the Atlanta Pride party at the Georgia Aquarium. His tattooed friend looked around and deadpanned, "Or so many terrified fish."

I had never been inside an aquarium before--just outside as a demonstrator....

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To Rue From PETA: Thank You for Being a Friend

(34) Comments | Posted June 4, 2010 | 5:25 PM

Back in the '80s, when many people still thought that PETA was a Middle Eastern bread, a funny actor from Oklahoma became our first champion in Hollywood and helped establish the organization as a household name. She was Rue McClanahan, the flirty "Golden Girl," and she became so active that...

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Twain's Mark

(14) Comments | Posted April 20, 2010 | 1:35 PM

Most people trace counterculture to the 1960s. They've got the right decade but the wrong century. It started in the 1860s with the writing of an upstart from Missouri whose droll read on society's pretenses paved the way for debates that continue today about class, country, race, religion and animals.

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Grilled by the Meat Police

(17) Comments | Posted March 31, 2010 | 4:30 PM

The pounding on the door to room 1141 at the Waldorf was too aggressive to be a maid, and I hadn't ordered room service.

"Who is it?"

I looked through the peephole to see three well-fed men in blue blazers.

"Security-open up."

"You don't look like...

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