Cinefantastique Podcast: Eli Roth & Daniel Stamm on The Last Exorcism; Review of Piranha 3D

08/23/2010 10:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's a day of interviews and reviews at the Cinefantastique Podcast. First, a chat with director Daniel Stamm and producer Eli Roth on their new, demon-possession-in-the-bible-belt thriller, The Last Exorcism, opening on Friday, August 27. Then an in-depth discussion of Piranha 3D, Alexandre Aja's ultra-gory remake of the 1978 cult classic directed by Joe Dante. Find out if the thrills merit your enduring yet another ninety minutes of crappy, computer-processed 3D, or if you should just throw in the towel and see Vampires Suck instead. Plus the usual round-up of news, events, and home video releases.


1. News
2. Guess What's in 3D Now
3. Opening in Theaters
4. Interview: Eli Roth and Daniel Stamm on The Last Exorcism
4. Discussion: Piranha 3D
5. New on Home Video
6. New at


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