04/14/2013 10:03 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2013

Mighty Movie Podcast: Francois Ozon on In the House

2013-04-14-ITH_CMGwebsitegallery02_300dpi_410.jpgFrench filmmaker Francois Ozon is once again messing with your mind, telling a tale of envy, desire, and literary license in In the House. Wry and dark, the film is about a teacher (Fabrice Luchini) who becomes obsessed when the writings of a teenager (Ernst Umhauer) turn into an account of his insinuation into the life and household of a fellow student. When the reports go from voyeurism to acts of seduction, and possibly worse, the mentor finds himself taxed with the increasingly urgent need to determine how much is reality and how much merely a reflection of the teen's dark imaginings. A clever examination of the responsibilities artists have to their audiences, and vice-versa, the film's another twisty, enthralling showcase for Ozon.

An ardent fan of the director's, I was delighted to have Ozon on the show again to talk about bringing this story to the screen, and his intent in doing so. Click on the player button to hear the interview, or right-click the title to download.

Mighty Movie Podcast: Francois Ozon on In the House


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