10/29/2012 09:52 am ET | Updated Dec 29, 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Director Michael J. Bassett: Cinefantastique's New York Comic Con 2012

2012-10-27-SilentHill_SG00068_rgb_410.jpgTurns out that Hell is a small, American mining town. Which is how you lose Ohio, but also how you build a video-game-based horror franchise that crosses creeping dread and surreal imagery. Continuing the storyline started in the 2006 original, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D takes a young woman (Adelaide Clemens) back to her hometown, an abandoned mining town subsumed in evil. Working with 3D for the first time, director Michael J. Bassett loads the film with much what-is-reality? weirdness, including a spider made of mannequin limbs and homicidal clockwork operating room nurses (and how would you like to have seen the casting call for that role?).

I was able to net an exclusive sit-down with Bassett while he attended New York Comic Con. Click the player to hear the conversation.

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