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Dan Rather
Dan Rather is the host of Dan Rather Presents on HDNet.

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'Greyhound Therapy' and America's Mental Health Crisis

(11) Comments | Posted May 6, 2014 | 5:03 PM

By some estimates, one in four Americans suffers from a diagnosable mental illness, which includes depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet conversations on mental illness are uncommon. That was until last year, when a schizophrenic man disembarked from a Greyhound bus in Sacramento, California. He had been placed...

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I Have Been in the Presence of Greatness

(52) Comments | Posted December 6, 2013 | 7:07 AM

In thinking about Nelson Mandela, his life and his legacy, a metaphor comes to mind: that of a great, one-for-the-ages comet -- not unlike the Comet ISON that recently traveled around the sun.

Mandela was a great comet of a man; we are not likely to see someone like him...

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Gone to Pot

(335) Comments | Posted October 24, 2013 | 11:48 AM

The old expression about everything being bigger in Texas just got trumped by what's happening in California. In my career as a reporter, I've been on more than a few drug raids and seen my fair share of marijuana plants. But nothing prepared me for what's growing in northern California....

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What Hugo Chavez Left Behind

(178) Comments | Posted March 6, 2013 | 1:10 PM

Hugo Chavez has died of cancer, and to the end he refused to say what type of cancer it was. As we reported last May, Chavez had metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that the Venezuelan strongman lived with much longer than he was expected to. That's what our source, who...

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The German Jobs Machine

(387) Comments | Posted March 4, 2013 | 11:43 AM

It seems impossible to believe that in a country with 12 million people looking for work, there are nearly 3.7 million open jobs in America, right now. But that's what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says, and a chunk of those unfilled jobs -- up to 275,000 depending whom you...

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How Israel's Iron Dome Is Also Saving Palestinian Lives

(230) Comments | Posted January 22, 2013 | 10:25 AM

There's been a lot written recently about Iron Dome -- Israel's high-tech missile defense system that hit the world stage during Israel's eight-day conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Its unprecedented success rate: Intercepting eight out of 10 rockets launched just miles away. Its rapid development: Iron Dome went...

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He Ain't Wrong, He's Just Different

(11) Comments | Posted December 10, 2012 | 11:15 AM

Caught my old friend Billy Joe Shaver's gig last week at New York's "Hill Country."

What a hoot. Sheer down-home grit, grin, groan and guzzle, Texas style. Only thing missing was the chicken wire. (There are still joints in Texas where in the shank of the evening they drop down...

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College on the Cheap

(10) Comments | Posted September 24, 2012 | 4:30 PM

A college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity. But the cost of going to college has never been so high, and the value of having that diploma has never...

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Recalculating the Presidential Race

(315) Comments | Posted September 20, 2012 | 5:00 PM

The dynamic of the race for the presidency has shifted; the contours have changed.

For a long while this year, the following was the more or less consensus assessment: Republicans had an excellent chance of winning because of the economy, especially the jobs picture. When Mitt Romney won the...

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Thinking About Europe

(56) Comments | Posted September 18, 2012 | 5:52 PM

Among the many important subjects you won't hear discussed in the U.S. Presidential campaign is Europe. One reason is that foreign policy rarely moves votes in our elections. Any talk about Europe in particular -- unless it directly involves high finance or war and peace -- risks inducing narcolepsy among...

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Has the Press Lost Its Guts... Or Is It Just Being "Fair"?

(302) Comments | Posted June 5, 2012 | 12:57 PM

This was a question I put to congressional scholars Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann, co-authors of the book It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided with the New Politics of Extremism.

Both Ornstein and Mann, self-described independents, are well respected in their...

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The Day That Was

(162) Comments | Posted May 29, 2012 | 3:00 PM

For so many of us, this past holiday weekend was about BBQs, pool parties and celebrating the beginning of summer. The fact that it was Memorial Day seemed, once again, to be an afterthought. Yet we remain at war, a fact that has fallen dangerously out of our national consciousness....

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Thoughts on Mike

(6) Comments | Posted May 22, 2012 | 7:10 PM

If you want to know the key to how television news is supposed to work, I offer you the example of Michael Rosenbaum, for decades a dear friend and colleague who lost his battle with brain cancer this past Thursday. He had just turned 64, still so young with so...

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A Dire Strait

(150) Comments | Posted March 29, 2012 | 11:02 AM

Two weeks ago, I traveled to the Persian Gulf, and made the transit through the Strait of Hormuz to the Arabian Sea. My host was the U.S. Navy, and the ride through the Strait was aboard the mighty USS Carl Vinson, an aircraft carrier that is part of two carrier...

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Is Christie to Reverse Course?

(222) Comments | Posted February 24, 2012 | 8:31 AM

Is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to reverse course, offer himself for the GOP Presidential nomination? Some heavy-money Republicans want him to and are not bashful about saying so, at least in private. It's a sure-fire signal that many party leaders feel their nominating process has become a circus.


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Washington Needs to Call a Doctor

(219) Comments | Posted February 16, 2012 | 11:11 AM

If you want a simple shorthand for the dysfunction in Washington, D.C., I can do it in two words: Don Berwick.

Some of you may be nodding your head in vigorous agreement. Others of you may say, oh there's Dan carrying water for the Obama administration....

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I've Discovered Facebook

(23) Comments | Posted December 16, 2011 | 11:06 AM

Okay, okay, cue the snickering comments from the legions of digital cognoscenti.  "Hey Dan, there's also something called a mobile phone," I can hear some of you saying. But for someone who was raised in an era when feedback had to be typed up or written out longhand and sent...

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Avoiding the Auction Block

(56) Comments | Posted November 16, 2011 | 3:37 PM

No other state has experienced the dizzying heights of the housing boom or the depths of the subsequent bust quite like California. Today, four metro areas in the Golden State have the highest foreclosure rates in the country, eclipsing -- for the first time -- even Las Vegas, Nevada. In...

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An American Nightmare

(96) Comments | Posted November 10, 2011 | 12:39 PM

I recently finished an investigation into what's being called one of the largest cases of human trafficking in U.S. history. The project was eye-opening because, before starting, I thought of the crime of human trafficking as inherently violent -- women snatched off the street at gunpoint and forced to sell...

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Bee Aware

(123) Comments | Posted September 22, 2011 | 12:00 PM

There have been numerous reports, including on our program, Dan Rather Reports, about the decline of the honeybee. They've been dying off in huge numbers. The cause has been lumped under a title called "Colony Collapse Disorder" or CCD. But now scientists are telling...

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