07/21/2008 10:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Clearly, They'll Say Barack Obama Is a Muslim

After a solid week in which John McCain has epically failed to take the headlines off Barack Obama's trip to the Middle East, and how the prevailing message has been about how, you know, maybe it would be OK if U.S. soldiers finally came home fer chrissake, I am now lining up the next plan of attack.

I mean, it goes without saying that the GOP is taking this thing seriously. Even Bob Freaking Novak recent said, "Sources close to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign are suggesting he will reveal the name of his vice presidential selection this week while Sen. Barack Obama is getting the headlines on his foreign trip. The name of McCain's running mate has not been disclosed, but Mitt Romney has led the speculation recently."

Hear that? The McCain campaign is so unbelievably nervous that they are actually thinking of dumping the biggest possible news they have for the whole campaign right now, weeks before the Democratic National Convention. As they said in the old days, it appears they lack the courage of their convictions. This gives Obama more time to announce his own candidate, knowing that he always has the time between the Democratic and Republican national conventions to gather favorable press. Hell, at this point, he should just announce his own VP candidate the day after McCain's, just to make the man blow his top.

So, like I said in the introductory paragraph to this event, I'd like to take this moment to call out the next far-right tactic before they even try it. Earlier today (Or is it yesterday? Jesus, but there's a crazy time difference), Barack Obama met with the leaders of Iraq. They all seemed to OK Obama's plan for pulling troops out of Iraq. So, let me say this now before any moronic, asinine troglodyte on the right does it: "The fact that the Iraqis backed Obama's plan clearly shows that he's a Muslim. There's just no way they would ever agree to it otherwise, right?"

Look for this argument soon at a right-wing outlet near you.