McCain/Palin: The Pro-Pedophile Ticket

10/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Much has already been written about the new, vicious anti-Obama ad, released by the McCain campaign itself, that accuses Obama of promoting sex education to kindergartners. On its face, the ad can't be taken seriously. I mean, kindergartners? Who does that? It reminds me of Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski: "Eight-year-olds, dude."

But, of course, there is always a kernel of truth in the best attack ads -- after all, an ad entirely based on lies gets ripped up in the press far more easily than one in which caveats must be tossed around. In this case, a piece of legislation that went through the Illinois Senate, one that was not authored by Obama, and never became law, would have mandated teaching kids in kindergarten to look out for sexual predators. It would have explained the concepts of "good touches" and "bad touches." It would have given children the knowledge they need to guard against some of the most terrible monsters out there. And if parents had a problem with the lesson, they would have had every right to pull their kids out of the class.

So, given that -- and to turn a phrase often bandied about by that Great American Sean Hannity -- America has the right to ask, "Why are John McCain and Sarah Palin enabling pederasts?" After all, if they're against this legislation, then who are they looking out for, exactly? Who benefits? In this case, the primary beneficiaries appear to be molestation enthusiasts. Clearly, McCain and Palin are going after that all-important pedophile vote. There is no other explanation.

Unfair? Maybe, ace, maybe. But when you come out fists flying, don't protest when the other guy punches you in the mouth.