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The NYGMen Podcast Week 11 PREVIEW: It's DO OR DIE for the New York Giants

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In this Week 11 Preview podcast, Greg and Dan discuss this weekend's DO OR DIE game against the Atlanta Falcons with Atlanta's own COUSIN MICHAEL. In addition to analyzing what the Falcons may have in store for the Giants, the three still feel compelled to talk about the infamous Bill Belichick Sunday night gamble against the Colts as well as Brett Favre's being mike'd up on this past week's episode of "Inside the NFL." Greg and Dan talk at length about the current cast of "Inside the NFL," including Warren Sapp's unadulterated gregariousness, how competitive Cris Collinsworth and Phil Simms must be with one another, and JB's Harvard pedigree. Dan also goes off on pocket squares and shares some more tidbits of information about last week's Jets' experience with Greg. If the GMen don't show up on Sunday, kiss their season goodbye. DON'T MISS THE PREVIEW OF WHAT MIGHT BE THE MOST CRUCIAL REGULAR SEASON GAME IN RECENT MEMORY!!!

Listen to The NYGMen Podcast Episode #5 here:

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