01/03/2010 11:20 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The NYGMen Podcast: Week 16 - The New York Giants knocked out by the Carolina Panthers, 41-9

In this Week 16 post-game analysis, we are super-pissed and saddened by the Giants' lackluster effort and embarrassing loss against the Carolina Panthers. In addition to talking about the game itself, we focus on the ascension of Eli Manning as a truly legit NFL QB, the fall of Brandon Jacobs, the selection of Shaun O'Hara to the Pro Bowl, and the complaining of Osi Umenyiora. We also discuss Bill Sheridan, what the G-Men might care to strengthen through the upcoming draft, the state of the linebackers, the future of the running, and the condition of the secondary. Also, we argue for way too long about statistics and odds as well as addressing the trash-talking of Carolina's Steve Smith, the Colts allowing the Jets to win, Ramses Barden and, of course, Mike Francesa. As always, we respond to fan email and comments, give out awards, and call our top teams, including Week 16's "Beast of the East." And don't miss our call for the Gauthier "Mic 'em up" Consideration. Be reasonable!! We will survive this GIANT letdown.

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