A Call for Ehud Barak to Resign. Forever.

06/22/2010 02:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A few deaths, a few scuffles, some criticism and a political echelon that once again took no responsibility, and people forget and continue to go about their day. It's World Cup time - the perfect excuse to forget all. But I did not forget, even if Minister Barak is already back sitting on his grape leaves, being massaged with rose oil in his ivory tower laughing at everyone's blindness and lack of conviction.

Ehud Barak, in the name of what I believe is the majority of Israelis I call for you to resign. Your disgraceful behavior in blaming the soldiers for the events on the Mavi Marmara continues to demonstrate your loathsome tendency to never take responsibility. You persist in blaming everyone, including 19 year old order-following soldiers, rather than standing behind your own actions and decisions -- for once in your life do what you needed to do in the aftermath of the Tseelim B.

Your failures speak for themselves, and your smug little word plays can cover them no more.

You have single handedly devastated the Labor Party of Israel -- a party so important for the balance of power between right and left, and one that stood against this raging unwavering capitalism Netanyahu unleashed on our once-upon-a-time-social-ideals-filled country. The only chance for the survival for the Labor party is your resignation.

Your wife's almost illegal and certainly reckless promises to her clients to meet with you as if affecting policy is a perk for people who know her has cast a dark cloud on your use of power. When this country stood for something, Rabin resigned for uses his wife made with their joint account -- an action that had nothing to do with him, and certainly nothing to do with governance. You chose to blow it off and remain a fat cat in a comfy government seat. The only way to show the people this is not the case is your resignation.

Your exit from Lebanon, an event you managed poorly and had no real plan for but to run, left hundreds of Lebanese that were our allies to rot in Hezbollah land. Have you no gratitude and no respect for anyone, or is it that you are really simply dumb? The only way to apologize for your abandonment is your resignation.

And now this. Your latest disastrous decision that put all of us in harm's way and at a heightened risk of war, is a failure no Defense Minister should be allowed to retain his post after. You are a minister of Defense, not a minister of Offense. Offense is not the best defense in statehood; this is not a football game, or urban fighting training - this is the lives, livelihood and future of your people that you're playing with, with such disregard. The only way to begin fixing this colosal affair is your resignation.

Enough is enough. You have proven incapable in every political post you held. It is time to be the man you always claimed to be. And the only way to be that man is to tender your resignation.