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Daniel Cates

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Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mayor, Has a Commitment Issue

Posted January 23, 2012 | 01/23/12 06:47 PM ET

Gone are the days when elected leaders could skate by on mere lip service or attending a few pride receptions. Today's LGBT community just isn't drinking the Kool-Aid, and even down to the city level, we are not content with "supportive" leaders; we want to see them actively "supporting."


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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Posted September 29, 2011 | 09/29/11 06:26 PM ET

The Human Rights Campaign recently announced that President Barack Obama will once again keynote their annual dinner in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 1, 2011. This is the HRC's largest annual fundraiser, raising big bucks and drawing thousands of participants.

"We are honored to share this night with President Obama,...

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