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Take The Albany Quiz

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There's been a great deal of speculation about why, oh why, the leaders of the coup in Albany would foist all this misery and disarray on their fellow New Yorkers. Pick the reasons you think are right:

Albany Quiz

1) Thomas Golisano, the billionaire owner of a Buffalo hockey team, took credit for engineering the coup shortly after he moved to Florida to avoid New York's increased tax on rich people. He wanted to dump the Democrats because... *
The Democrats had failed to achieve true and lasting reform.
The Democrats had failed to pass a Comprehensive Hockey Rink Improvement Bill.
The Democratic Majority Leader played with his cell phone while Golisano was talking to him.
The Democrats raised his taxes.
2) Hiram Monserrate, a Democratic Senator currently under indictment for cutting up his girlfriend during a fight, switched over to the Republicans and then switched back, creating the current 31-31 tie. All this was due to.... *
His deep desire to achieve true and lasting reform.
His professed conviction that putting the Republicans in power would mean better regulation of landlords.
A hope that if he raised his profile he could get the assault case moved over to Judge Judy.
Hiram's just a spontaneous kind of guy.
3) Pedro Espada, the Bronx state senator who is now the Republicans' Senate President, switched over from the Democrats to the Republicans because of... *
His deep desire to achieve true and lasting reform.
His wife's promise that if he got a promotion she would agree to leave their house in the suburbs and spend one night a month in the Bronx.
Hope that a lot of publicity would draw authorities' attention to that pile-up of complaints about his campaign finances, which he's been dying to clear up if he could just get somebody's ear.
A prediction by a fortune teller that if he could arrange to become first in line of succession to the governor, if would be a sign that the end of days would arrive, followed by the Rapture.
4) Dean Skelos, the Republican leader, wanted to wrest control of the Senate from the Democrats because... *
Republicans have been secretly working on a plan for true and lasting reform over their last 32 years in power and this was the year they wanted to surprise the state with it.
His many members over the age of 80 were itching for some excitement.
Newt Gingrich told him it would be a fun thing to do.
Things have been going so well for the Republicans in New York, it seemed like the stars were in alignment.