This Just In: Donald Trump Huffs and Puffs

11/22/2011 02:41 pm ET | Updated Jan 22, 2012
  • Dan Collins New York Editor-at-Large, The Huffington Post

Just a normal holiday week in New York City. The lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. The Macy's parade. Another desperate ploy for publicity by Donald Trump.

A presidential run "continues to be a possibility," the orange-tinted reality show host told Fox. Right now, Trump is continuing in his important role as interviewer of potential Republican nominees. Michele Bachmann was in town to meet with Trump for the fourth time on Monday.

"Well, they come in the office. Sometimes they come in the house," said wife Melanie Trump, making the presidential hopefuls sound like a bedbug infestation. Melanie was on CNN to publicize her jewelry line. Meanwhile, The Donald is promoting his new book, Time to Get Tough.

In this one way Trump is well-suited to this year's presidential race. He could do it as a sideline while on book tour. Just like Newt and Herman Cain.

Otherwise, he continues to be a purported possible presidential contender who needs to
organize his candidacy around the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

"As you know, I can't do anything until May," Trump said.

In his new book, Trump writes that he was so serious about seeking the presidency "that I had already prepared the Public Financial Disclosure Report required of a presidential candidate. That's a big deal, because the Trump Organization is a private company, and people don't know what I'm really worth."

Translation: People don't believe Donald Trump is worth all that much. No one thought he would really fill out any financial disclosure forms that could be seriously vetted.

Trump says in his book that he is worth $7 billion, including $3 billion for the value of the Trump brand. You can put this in the same category as his revelation on network TV that he had "people" in Hawaii who had come up with amazing new revelations about Barack Obama's origins.

And the presidential candidates coming to seek his blessing seem to be limited to the ones who are working hard to make it into fifth place in the Iowa polls.

Trump now says he will run as an independent if the Republicans pick the "wrong" candidate. He defines "wrong" as Ron Paul, who is both unlikely to win and unlikely to spend much time sucking up to Donald Trump.

And nothing will happen until May. You know, Celebrity Apprentice. Reports have it that Victoria Gotti is a contestant this season. Priorities.