Today In HuffPost New York

07/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Dan Collins New York Editor-at-Large, The Huffington Post

Once again today all eyes will turn to Albany and we'll be bringing you every new, exciting moment of dysfunction. (Or maybe today is the day the legislature gets its act together and figures out how to hold a vote. Hope springs eternal.) Personally, I'll be happy when this is over and we can move on to worry about some other frequently ignored governmental body. What are the borough presidents up to these days? Not switching parties and locking themselves into their offices? Good work, guys.

Gov. David Paterson wants you to know everything that's happened in the state capital this year hasn't been as bad as the current unpleasantness, and he's here today with a blog to tell you the brighter side. There's quite a list of plans and good news, none of it involving the state senate.

If you're in the market for a change of subject, we've got Lenore Skenazy arguing that New York children's best memories come on the days when their parents let them do it themselves -- even if the "it" in question involves unsupervised subway rides. And while we're talking about fussy and hard-to-rear little ones, check out Helen Rogan's blog on urban gardening. Eliza Minot has today's New York memory.

Clara Hemphill, the first person everybody consults about picking the right public school for their kids, weighs in today on the pros and cons of small schools. If the city's schools are one of your passions, you'll also want to look for former chancellor Harold Levy's post yesterday on charter schools. Not to mention Chuck Schumer on biking through Brooklyn, Ellis Hennican on subway etiquette, Ron Kuby taking a second look at Bernie Madoff's victims and Ed Levine on everything you ever wanted to know about New York hot dogs. And please don't miss an absolutely hysterical memoir by Seinfeld producer Peter Mehlman about one of the mysteries of his Brooklyn childhood -- why everybody wanted to wear football jerseys with the number of a really bad player.

We're only a few days into our New York launch week, but our cadre of bloggers has been so amazing I can't resist pointing you back to Day One. Check out Nora Ephron on Shakespeare, Frank Serpico on cops killing cops, Sheryl McCarthy on the High Line, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, Betsy Carter's New York memory and Alfred Gingold's memorable analysis of the culture of dog poop removal.