08/24/2011 10:07 am ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

A Very Different Kind of Child Labor

I really wanted to make an episode called "Portlandia", but it just didn't happen. Although we had plenty of those moments -- for instance, we got free valet parking because we were driving a hybrid. But instead of capturing the ultra-hipster side of Portland, we visited an ultra practical and amazing farm/project. It had kids farming (really farming), working all day and selling their produce. And these teenagers got paid -- it's about time! Kids are often exploited in farm work, or family farms have the help of a large number of kids to keep things going. But Janus Food Works just employs youth from Portland. After filming with the kids, we created a dinner with the Plate and Pitchfork farm dinner series to showcase their work and also invited the kids to enjoy the fruits of their labor... with these young farmers in attendance, a good time was had by all.

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