12/12/2011 03:44 pm ET | Updated Feb 11, 2012

Sustainable Video Competition (Enter Here!)

Competition Time!!!

The team at The Perennial Plate has been making a lot of videos, one every week since forever. They've spanned the gamut of food stories, from road kill to mushrooms to strawberry pickers. They are always fun to create, and so we want YOU to give it a try. So this week -- go out and create a video for our website.

Here's how it works:
Send us your own Perennial Plate style video!!! That is, make a video about a local farm, your favorite recipe, a song or a treaties on the Potato. Just about anything goes as long as it is within the realm of sustainable or adventurous. Once you've made your video, post it on Vimeo (preferable) or Youtube and then send us the link at info(at) (By December 18th) . Next week, we will post our 3 favorite videos on our Facebook page for all of our (and your) fans to vote on - and the winner's video will be posted on our Website (and here on the Huffington Post) during Christmas week. Sound like fun? Good. I know its last minute, but YOU CAN DO IT!!


  • Make a video about sustainable and/or adventurous food
  • Upload it to Vimeo
  • Send us the link by December 18th at info(at)
  • Get your friends to vote for the video on Facebook
  • Win!! and have your video seen by Thousands... and we'll send you some t-shirts for you and your friends.
  • email all submissions to:info(at)