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Winter Farm to Table Feast

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Imagine a winter where the produce was as good as it is in the summer. Everyone loves to cook when it's cold outside, but your choices are to either buy insipid zucchinis from halfway around the world, or embrace root vegetables, legumes and meat with all you've got. I have subscribed to the latter for many reasons (of which I'm not going to explain here). When I'm at home, I don't take it too seriously (always happy to have an avocado, lemons and some greens around the house), but when I cook for other people I go at it dogmatic.

To continue my culinary advancement and enjoyment despite no longer cooking in restaurants, I host harvest dinners every month or two either at a farm, restaurant or in my home. I make a point of creating these meals from 100% local ingredients. I don't do it to show how you should cook every night, but more because it presents a challenge for me and an experience for others that they don't get anywhere else. Sure, everyone is cooking seasonally these days, but to use no sugar, olive oil, spices... it makes for unique food.

So this video is about a dinner I put on at Two Pony Gardens in the middle of the winter, without the help of any non-Minnesotan ingredients. All local, all homemade (including cured/fermented). Check out the menu:

Sunfish panna cotta with pancetta and sauerkraut

Cabbage-wrapped game (duck, pheasant, grouse) in duck consomme with duck prosciutto and pickled duck egg

Potato, mushroom and pork tongue pavé with sheeps' milk ricotta and apple butter
Wild rice with corned elk and venison

Squash tart, grape gastrique, parsnip ice cream

Go here for a recipe fo ra squash tart similar to my Minnesota version.

Watch a video of the event:

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