Mapping Your Life's Journey

04/30/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Often in life I am sure you wonder if you had met a person before. Have our lives crossed paths before a more recent episode? When was the first time we met? Were we together in a particular place -- whether at school, or at a conference, or talk, or during our childhoods? Could you even rewind a part of your brain and see what you said to that person when you first met them? I daydreamed about a sci-fi future where the "grid" could keep all your information about every place you've been, and what your thoughts and experiences and interactions were like.

Then I realized that a lot of this could already be done rather easily NOW.

All you need is a GPS mapping device with a time-mapping database. Your iPhone or Blackberry could have an application that every 5 minutes or every hour or every day (depending on your preferred settings and subscription/storage capacity) could store your GPS location at that particular time.

Three or thirty years later, you could wonder openly with your date, or an employee or a colleague if you had met before, or where your lives had intersected before, and you'd just sync your databases to find the crossing points, if any, that exist. You could make some pieces private or public, open or closed. But you'd have the ability to trace back steps at important points, quite simply.

At a formative moment, you could even connect a blog journal or video entry to your geo-time-map.

This would not only be fun and functional, but also existentially transforming.

We always are "surprised" at how small this world is, and how enormous a coincidence it is that you find a friend in a far away random place.

In fact, I have always thought that the laws of numbers make these encounters quite probable, and most likely there are many more opportunities for interactions among people you know, whose paths you cross by milliseconds without knowing it. If you could look at your grid and compare it with a friend's, or with all your universe of friends, how many amazing "coincidences" wouldn't you find - when you opted to?

Perhaps Doppler or Google Maps or Facebook - or a new web/business platform you have or will now create - could take advantage of this idea.