03/28/2008 02:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New IA Poll: Edwards Leader Of The Pack

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Two polls from Iowa tonight, and two very different sets of results. That's to be expected in the state given the impossible-to-predict turnout. But one thing is clear: we have to change the story-line, and make it officially a three-way race. For those who believed him out of the running, Insider Advantage has just shown that John Edwards is amazingly strong in Iowa -- and that Mitt Romney is not at all out of the caucuses:

* Among Democrats, Edwards comes out with 30%, in front of Clinton's 26% and Obama's 24%.

* The internals, however, are not good for the New York senator. Among the most likely voters, it's 27-26 for... Obama, with Clinton third at 24. And proving Edwards's huge potential, if candidates have to realign only on the three main candidates (which will happen likely most places on January 3rd given the viability rule), Edwards pulls 41% with Obama and Clinton stuck under 30%!

* Among Republicans, Huckabee is ahead of Romney 28% to 25%. Everyone else is left far behind, with Thompson at 10%, McCain at 9%, Ron Paul at 6% and Giuliani at 5%. That's right, Rudy is sixth.

* But among those "most likely" to vote, it's Romney on top by the same margin -- and consider that Romney's organization is much better than anyone else's in the state, so this could be a key result for him.

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