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Daniella Martin
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Daniella Martin is the host of Girl Meets Bug,
the insect cooking show where the unusual is the inevitable and oh-so-edible. She is passionate about teaching people that insects are fabulous food –- in addition to being the most environmentally-efficient animal protein source on the planet. Her dream is to increase public awareness and acceptance of edible insects, with the ultimate goals of helping to solve world hunger, supporting indigenous people, and reducing pesticide use with this cheap, eco-friendly source of protein.

Blog Entries by Daniella Martin

Five Ways to Cook a Cricket

Posted August 8, 2011 | 19:35:47 (EST)


In an interview during her recent Journey To Cambodia video for Louis Vuitton, Angelina Jolie talks about how her boys "love to eat crickets."

"It's their favorite thing," she said. "They ate them like Doritos. As soon as we...

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What Do Bugs Taste Like, Anyway?

Posted July 18, 2011 | 14:51:27 (EST)

It may have crawled into your consciousness lately that edible insects are the new green thing: they are extremely sustainable to raise, requiring far fewer resources than other forms of livestock, and they produce fewer greenhouse gas-causing emissions per pound of protein. To put this into perspective, a pound of...

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