Discomfort as a Motivator

06/14/2010 11:06 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Discomfort plays an important role in taking that first leap into the unknown. For the last year we have been talking about the idea of starting a custom corset and lingerie company together. But the last year has also been filled with various other priorities, such as finishing school, settling down in a new city, and making enough money to pay the rent. As the idea of this business became more serious and we became more passionate about our plans, it was apparent that these so called priorities had started to hinder our ability to move forward. Which is why we just put in our two weeks notice at work today...

This job provided a huge amount of security, not only financially but socially as well. It was this security that was holding us back from making any serious moves getting our business off the ground. It's really easy to talk talk talk about something like starting your own business. There are a lot of people in this world that are all talk. We did not want to be like these people. In realizing that we had spent a whole year talking and thinking about this business we finally decided make a huge move. Quitting our jobs will not only give us more time to work solely on our business but it will also financially force us to make something work. This is where the discomfort starts to settle in.

We are sitting here unemployed, and facing some of our biggest fears head on. Failure being the biggest. Before we start getting our hands dirty and working our tails off, we think its really important that we recognize some truths about ourselves and our situation. Things like how young we are, how naive we can be, and how much we don't know. In understanding these truths and doubts we have no where to go but forward. The great thing about the sheer scariness and discomfort of starting something new is that it also provides a huge amount of excitement and energy. The exact excitement and energy that we lacked in our older and more comfortable situation. It is this nervous energy that will make us put the time and effort needed into making our business successful.

So now we are going to pop a bottle of champagne and make a toast to the real beginning of ANI&ARI.