Abortion & Catholicism: Can't You Find Something Better To Do?

07/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Danielle Cavallucci Author, 'Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know'

As Notre Dame came under fire last week for its plans to bestow an honorary doctorate on President Obama, an eight term tradition at the increasingly liberal Catholic campus, a disgruntled Pat Buchanan accused Notre Dame of saying that "his policies and programs that bring death to more than a million unborn children every year is no disqualification to being honored by a university dedicated to Our Lady who carried to term the Son of God."

In fact, Mr. Buchanan, most of the programs funded by Planned Parenthood and the other programs supported by President Obama actually work to educate and equip women to avoid unwanted pregnancies which result in abortion. The fact that the church of my childhood adheres stringently to outmoded vestiges of patriarchal manipulation in order to scrape up what little solidarity its crumbling auspices can afford in a rapidly changing world with multiple perspectives and too many people without the luxury of pointing fingers and screaming moral law is abhorrent.

Firstly, forcing a woman who's been victimized by rape or incest to carry a child to term flies in the face of decency. Secondly, bringing unwanted children into an already over-populated world is simply irresponsible, an homage to the blatant disrespect the church has frequently had for the plight of women, Mother Earth included.

Cutting back on funding for safe abortion, birth control, education and access to women domestically or worldwide simply results in more abortions in less safe conditions, greater suffering for both mothers and their unwanted babes (especially in starvation zones), and in a reversal of everything that women in developed nations have fought for. Family planning is a right all families should be afforded. Family planning shouldn't even be a question. The fact that the Catholic church has nothing better to do, advancing an illogical cause premised on the shaky foundation of scriptures translated so far after the fact and inclusive of only what suited the desires of the largest land holding entity in Europe for nearly a thousand years is horrific. The fact that they win these battles and women still suffer is disturbing.

The fact that any evolved human being cannot see the folly of these acts and arguments is nothing short of criminal.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I love me some mass on Sunday. It's a tradition, a comfort, an unhealthy attachment. The 'picking and choosing' part of remaining Catholic is something many claim is fine. It feels hypocritical to me. Maybe all you 'good' Right to Life Catholics can pray for my brain to evaporate because what you're doing makes absolutely no sense, and there are more pressing issues worthy of your time, energy and resources.