07/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Men In Love With B*****s Ain't Men 'tall!!

Men Love Bitches screams the cover of a popular book from the 'featured' table at Barnes & Noble, as I plunge toward the only 'sure thang' restroom in a popular Orange County strip mall, seeing red all of a sudden.

Who's ridiculous idea is this? Any man worth his salt knows that the thrill of chasing a bitch is just that -- the short-lived, testosterone-fueled lust upon which damned relationships are founded.

Nay, let me say loud and clear: Men do not love bitches. They may lust after them, but how many guys do you know want their balls bashed at every turn?

This misnomer has led to a generation of divorce-fated, confused people who actually buy the bunk that stipulates we should treat each other poorly to get what we want from a relationship. Now, why would you want to participate in a relationship if it's premised upon games and manipulation? This sort of contrition seems fake and soulless to me, the fodder of females who would take the highest bidder over their heart ties.

Girls, before you believe what's contained in these 'how to' books about getting and keeping your man, consider carefully what sort of citizen you're trying to become. Do you really want to found a family with such an individual who would seek abuse and misuse? Furthermore, what evolved male would seek such punishment?

Sure, there's a bit of a thrill in the chase. This fact may be genetically hard wired into our psyche from the days of hunting, gathering and scarcity; but what marks our difference from the animal kingdom is the ability to use rationale to overcome such impulse. Any man incapable of overcoming the urge to chase tail is not man enough for a mature woman. Period.