Poo Poo on Putting Polanski in Prison

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When you can't even afford to keep criminals who deserve to be in jail housed, the notion of wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on a high-profile extradition such as the Polanski return from Zurich is ludicrous. Can you imagine wasting this money when so many of our children suffer sub-standard education, when drug and crime rehabilitation has little money, when a good portion of our country's population are living in perilously impoverished circumstances?

This poorly conceived ploy to vindicate an unsuccessful action on the part of our flawed criminal justice system misses the point.

Now, I'm certainly not advocating for any of the alleged crimes committed by Palanski. However, as Sean P. Means points out in the Culture Vulture, there are a lot of factors pertaining to this case which make it extraordinary. Thus, in claiming that enforcing a sentence upon an alleged criminal who was never brought to formal trial will somehow discourage similar crimes against young girls, we have simply missed the mark again.

Wouldn't it serve the interests of justice and the American people more to devote the monies intended to be wasted on this sensational situation to solving the real and pervasive problems of prison overpopulation, education and rehabilitation for those remanded and crime prevention?