Protecting the Rights of Mother Earth

07/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Monsanto ad really set me off with their "sustainable agriculture" full pager in the New York Times last week.

How about answering the Earth's plea to quit procreating not with genetically altered means of mass production, but with viable birth and population control methods? Why focus funds on creating sufficient food to allow the population to grow to further excess? Why not, instead, educate the third world about how and why to utilize birth control, offer them every means of avoiding unwanted pregnancy and delivery, and heeding the calls of Mother Earth to slow down?!

We ought to focus not on continuing the outrageous gluttony of ceaseless growth, but to sustaining and stabilizing our planet by going back to basics, back to nature, back to what is dictated by the very Earth that is the essence of life.

Increasingly, we see widespread health problems from altering the food chain to reflect processing and damaging food sources to be more abundant and available. The trouble is that these foods are often toxic in the long term, over several life cycles.

While conducting research for a Russian documentary about five years ago, I was able to procure data from studies conducted on the genetically altered corn you find right in your local grocery store and produced by Monsanto. Funny that, in just three life cycles, all insects coming into contact with and/or working to pollinate said plants became sterile. That's right - unable to breed.

Well, there goes an even funnier twist... I'm on about birth control, and they may actually be doing just that with all this sustainable agriculture. What at first outraged me has suddenly become wrought with irony. Perhaps, if we keep eating the way we are, at least some of us will quit multiplying like rabbits. I'll explore this further and get back with you.