Recentered and Ready for 2010 - Creating Your Best Year Yet

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

With 2009 coming to an end and so many of us having "lost" so many of the material comforts and ease that marked years prior, we are faced with an opportunity to do the soul work necessary for a more fulfilling, heart-centered life.

Rather than pine away over what was and is no longer, try to unearth the lessons and gifts in your current and passing circumstance. Review the choices - large and small - that brought you to rest exactly where you are in this moment. Become aware that, even in the smallest decision, you are affecting the whole of your life and the universe.

In evaluating your position, try to trace back the moment when things turned definitively in the direction leading to where you are now. What was it that you decided once upon a moment that led you here? Why do you think you chose thus and not some other step or path? Your anwser to these questions will begin to reveal your priorities. Ask yourself whether those decisions were conscious and soul-centered. Ask yourself whether you are making decisions on a daily basis to support the goals you have in mind for your life.

Your answer should be no. None of us are perfectly in line with soul and spirit all the time. There's always room to improve! Let us begin with identifying the 10 major driving forces of your being.

Without spending more than a couple seconds coming up with answers, list the top 10 priorities or goals of your life. Allow your subconscious to pour out its truth without fettering it with conscious judgment. Allow yourself to be surprised or momentarily ashamed at the materialistic or superficial nature of some of these goals. Then, go deeper. If you desire things which first seem improper or out of keeping with your vision of 'good' or 'perfect' or 'soulful', allow yourself the freedom to embrace this rather than resisting it.

The more you can accept the truth of your subconscious goals and drives, the more aware you will become of what is really driving your life. Once you know these things, you can begin to identify the why of these items and morph them into whatever you wish by virtue of understanding that fear-based desires for certain types of security can run counter to what is truly important.

So, now you have your list. Take some time over a couple of days to quietly reflect on these items. Jot down any thoughts you may have about the motivation to hold such things in esteem or in plan. Begin to unearth the deeper fibers of your soul in order that you can begin 2010 with self-awareness and self-love. Do not judge those things you find out about yourself. All things are perfectly situated for your growth, education, and expanded perception. Know this and trust your subconscious list to keep changing and shifting over time to put you closer to the path of your core - the path you were intended to tread for the good of all.

Take the time to continue your review, revision and examination of your top ten list, and watch how it progresses. Use this list as a gauge when making decisions throughout the year to ensure that you are on point with your fundamental priorities, acting rather than reacting. Lose those habits and patterns that do not fit with what is most important to you, and free your energy to pursue what really makes your soul sing.

When your soul's course is in line with your life course, and you are taking small steps all the time in the direction of what you really desire and were created for, life doesn't get much better.

Happy New Year!